No More Crappy Baths!!

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This week something amazing happened. You may think I am exaggerating but I assure you, I am not. This news is life changing....for me....maybe me alone but that is ok, I believe it is worth celebrating. Now, not all of my readers will understand my excitement, but I know I cannot be the only parent who celebrates these milestones. 

I will explain by stating that after over 26 years of parenting, there have been lots of firsts and lasts over the years. Some are welcomed with smiles and others grieved with tears and I can guarantee some have been missed completely. hahahaha But this one, oh is a doozy, a very good doozy indeed. I actually ran into our bedroom to share my excitement with Ben. He was not quite as enthusiastic as I 

I often remember the little things, not always exactly when they happened, but the feeling. I remember the first ultra sound I had for each child....I remember when each of them learned to ride a bike, I remember when each one had ice-cream for the first time...all wonderful memories. I also recall when each of them nursed for the last time or they no longer needed me to help them in the shower, those were accompanied by sad tears, all good things, growing up is what we want for our kids to do, even if it can make us a little sad. 

This "last" has not been met with any nostalgia on my part. It is something that I have never enjoyed, never wished for more time, I am just elated that I am officially past this stage in parenting. 

Here is the story: We have two bathrooms in our house. One we call the "kids" and one is ours (Ben and I), although anyone is welcome to use is just how it usually works out. Every evening I relax in the bath for about 1/2 hour. It helps me unwind from the day. I often get a visitor, he's 9 and loves that while I am "stranded" in the tub he has my undivided attention. (This is not the part of the story that reveals what he has ended...I have no illusions that him coming in to talk will change anytime soon). 

Anyways, he came in and informed me someone was in the other bathroom and he needed to use it. (This is also nothing new...but he usually just goes. hahaha). He said 'he needs to poop and doing it with me in the room is embarrassing." 

Hallelujah!!!! I swear the gates of heaven opened up and I saw the golden road. I will NEVER again be interrupted in my bath with someone doing number two right next to me. Like I said, some of you may not understand, but those of you who do....rejoice with me!!! I might even throw a party....just kidding, I will probably take a bath to celebrate, a bath with the only plopping sound will be me dropping my phone in the water because I will be so relaxed I might fall asleep. HAHAHA  

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