Ever After Acres, Our Home!

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We live in the country, but on a busy road. It is not exactly what we were looking for in placement of our land and house. But the land and house were worth the sacrifice of living on a busy road. The house is far back enough that we have a good sized front yard, with a ditch to help our dogs and kids (although they are all old enough now to not go near the road) know the boundaries of the lawn. 

Even the noise of the cars going by lessens the longer we live here, not because of less traffic but because we get used to it, it just becomes background noise to us.

I remember our first few nights here, it was warm so we had our bedroom window open (before getting heat pumps with A/C...hahaha), the noise woke me up several times, because it was new. But now, I don't even notice and it can even lull me to sleep.

We know our house is not perfect, we really bought it for the land, which is not perfect either but pretty darn close. But the house has done us well. We did some minor renovations, a lot of painting and making it our own. 

We do wonder what we will do with such a big house when all the kids leave...if they all leave. hahahaha We are now down to 3 kids living home, and the house does not feel too big...so maybe we will just enjoy the house when they all leave. We do have some ideas and will always want room for company to visit. 

We know with the current housing market here, we could sell our house/land for a lot more than what we purchased it for, in fact we could have turned around and made a profit as soon as we bought it....we got a steal of a deal, but as tempting as that is at times, I just do not see anytime in the future that we would even consider that. 

Even on the days we have to drive into town, using a ton of gas, even on days when there is so much yard work we are dead tired before we go to bed. Even on the days our kids complain about living so far from town. The pros, for us, outweigh the cons. The nights we gather as a family to star gaze, or have a bonfire. The days we walk to the river through acres of forest that we own. 

Looking around our property, seeing natures beauty every single day, those are the times I cannot even think of any cons. Those are the times I know, without a doubt that buying this house and moving to the country was the right choice, for our souls if nothing else. 

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