Ever After Acres began in concept when our family decided to move out of the city into the country.  After eventually finding a spot to call home we named the property Ever After Acres.  We began slowly talking about starting our own business and what that might look like for our family.  Then in 2016 the business was officially established and the early work of starting a business began.  Today Ever After Acres sells a variety of products both globally and locally, focusing on natural and handmade products.  Globally the business focuses on soap nuts, natural products and handcrafted polymer clay creations.  We have sent our products to such places as the United Kingdom, Mexico, and all over the U.S. and Canada.  Locally the same products are sold as well as produce and food products from the Ever After Acres property.  As a small family business we strive for not only great service and products but also a window into our lives on this journey as a family.  We encourage you to explore our website and consider following our story and checking out our products.  

Ever After Acres hopes to be a business unlike most you will find today. Here are a few differences we hope you notice.

1. We share our lives, not just our products. Retail is becoming less and less personal all the time and we want to get back to a time when you know the person behind the counter. That’s why we share images from our lives, attend fairs, and deliver locally.
2. We believe in personal service where someone will care about your questions, concerns and comments.
3. We strive to have the highest quality products, seeking input from you, the customer, to help refine and improve as needed.
4. And last, but not least, is to have fair prices for both you and us. Today it’s hard to find products fairly priced for both the customer and seller. We hope to achieve that balance and value your input as our customers about our prices.