Ever After Acres began in concept when our family decided to move out of the city into the country.  After eventually finding a spot to call home we named the property Ever After Acres.  We began slowly talking about starting our own business and what that might look like for our family.  Then in 2016 the business was officially established and the early work of starting a business began.  Today Ever After Acres sells a variety of products both globally and locally, focusing on natural and handmade products.  Globally the business focuses on soap nuts, soap nut soaps and our famous lip balms.  We have sent our products to such places as the United Kingdom, Mexico, and all over the U.S. and Canada.  Locally we have some other products such as our seasonal fiddleheads harvested locally.  We also have products made by our kids such as our dog treat, earrings, magnets and art work.  As a small family business we strive for not only great service and products but also a window into our lives on this journey as a family.  We encourage you to explore our website and consider following our story on Facebook or Instagram.   

Ever After Acres hopes to be a business unlike most you will find today. Here are a few differences we hope you notice.

1. We share our lives, not just our products. Retail is becoming less and less personal all the time and we want to get back to a time when you know the person behind the counter. That’s why we share images from our lives, attend fairs, and deliver locally.

2. We believe in personal service where someone will care about your questions, concerns and comments.

3. We strive to have the highest quality products, seeking input from you, the customer, to help refine and improve as needed.

4. And last, but not least, is to have fair prices for both you and us. Today it’s hard to find products fairly priced for both the customer and seller. We hope to achieve that balance and value your input as our customers about our prices.


Lisa is the owner of Ever After Acres. Lisa is the all natural product lady who creates all of Ever After Acres natural products and has been using soap nuts for over ten years.  This amazing lady also homeschools our children while running the business.  


The unofficial sixth kid in the family. Ben has always had a fascination and love for nature in all of it's beauty. Also very easy going but a little more vocal than Lisa and loves to joke around. Ben focuses on organizational aspects, local products and the advertising aspect of Ever After Acres.  

Adrianna (Nickname Andy)

The creative mind behind many of the clay creations of Ever After Acres. She also is a soaper making beautiful artistic soaps.  Andy is a fun loving creative woman who is close to family.  Andy has moved out to her own place down the road in Saint Antoine.  

Amadeus (Nickname Deus)

The technological guru of Ever After Acres constructing the website.   Deus married his girlfriend Siobhan from England during a global pandemic in our backyard.  Currently working from home for a company out west.     


The newest member to the family hails from England.  She has lived with us for almost two years now through the global pandemic and fits in perfectly.  She even contributes to Ever After Acres getting on board with making earrings.   


Allora is a pure artist whether it be clay, paint, pencils or a camera she does beautiful work.  While the entire family loves animals, Allora is most likely to end up working with animals for her career in some form. She is also one of the more serious individuals of the family and should you say something stupid you will definitely find out from Allora.  She takes after her dad in that way.  

Adaliah (Nickname Dail)

The most free spirited of the Stevens, you are likely to find her day dreaming, pretending or talking to any of her friends in nature. Adaliah does some of the clay creations but also makes her spending money through her all natural dog treats. 

Adonijah (Nickname Niah)

The bundle of energy that keeps everyone on their toes. While Adonijah is a busy, he is also the most willing helper with any task out of the entire family. You will find him outside in the yard, guaranteed to be covered in dirt.  Latest quote "I love work, can we go do some work". 

Thunder is our friendly but super lazy cat who lays down wherever he decides. We have no idea his age as he was an outdoor local cat living outside when we arrived.  

Clearly Ben's dog, but loved deeply by the entire family. Maddie is one of the most well trained dogs you will ever meet with one exception, she cannot control her excitement when people come over.  

Charlie is our self appointed guard dog looking out for his family.  While loved by all the dog is absolutely Allora's dog.  The two are inseparable.