About Soap Nuts

What is a soap nut?  Soap nuts (sometimes called “soap berries”) are probably the most sustainable cleaning product on the market.  Our soap nuts are the dried fruit from the Ritha (sapindus mukorossi) tree from Nepal. The ones we sell contain very high amounts of saponin. Saponin is the substance which gives the soap nuts their cleaning power.  They are an all-natural, plant-based product (a berry from a tree), easy to grow organic and require very little processing or packaging.  They are naturally hypoallergenic, odorless and do no damage to surfaces or fabrics. And there are countless ideas on how to use them, making them sustainable and versatile.  They are biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal. The hypoallergenic quality of soap nuts makes them the ideal choice for babies and those with eczema and sensitive skin. If you’re not yet convinced of the benefits of Soap Nuts the following information should answer some of your questions: – Sustainable: It’s a renewable resource, easily grown organically.
– All Natural: No harmful ingredients.
– Eco-Friendly: Less processing, less energy and less packaging.
– Affordable: They can replace multiple cleaners, and last longer.
– Reusable: Each berry can be used up to 8 times before it’s spent.
– Hypoallergenic: No skin or respiratory irritation and non-toxic.
– Simple: Throw them in your wash or make a simple liquid detergent.
– Odorless: But you can always add your own essential oils.
– Gentle: Their mild nature won’t damage delicate clothing or surfaces.
– No Fabric Softener: They naturally soften your fabrics.
– Save Water: They rinse easier so require less water.
– Save Energy: You can use a shorter rinse cycle in your laundry.
– HE (high efficiency) Friendly:  No suds are perfect for front load or top load HE machines.
– Works in Any Temperature: Use them in cold, warm or hot water.
– Non-polluting: 100% biodegradable and safe for graywater systems.
– Compostable: Used shells can be thrown in your compost.