My Love/Hate Relationship With Exercise

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Journey….journeys….I feel like life should be one journey, but it is not. I feel like it is a series of them, sometimes all jumbled up together and sometimes several simultaneously happening.

I am going to write about one of the journeys today. It is one people either embrace or they ignore totally…it is amazing to watch and see where people are on this journey and if any other journeys impact this one.

I am talking about exercise. While some may not consider it a journey, I believe it is. I know for myself, anyways. I have had a love/hate relationship with ‘exercise’ my whole life. I love how consistently being active makes me feel…but when I am feeling like I have these last few years, it is hard to get the motivation to be active. And I do mean more active than just my normal life…active by intention…for the sole purpose of being active.

I do not have a seditary life by any means, so I am solely talking about  exercise/active above and beyond house cleaning/yard work. 

I remember when I was a teenager, we used to have ‘workout’ nights, where the girls would come over, we’d do a VHS workout (Richard Simmons and Buns of Steel….hahaha) and then eat fruit. 😂😂 We would laugh and have a grand old time…then the next night we would eat copious amounts junk food and watch a marathon of movies. All about balance. Hahaha

But alas, now as a full grown adult, here I am trying to figure out how to include more activity in my life, a life where other journeys have made me have little to no energy…days spent in pain…and some days feel overwhelmingly full already (I say feel since I know it is not, just mental state makes me feel like they are). What will consistent exercise/activity look like. What is the goal? And what will adding that to my days look like? 

I have already added walking on the treadmill each morning for 20-30 minutes. I feel this has been beneficial, although not ‘helping’ in the ways I was hoping. I am still tired, I have not seen a difference in my dress size…not my main goal but would be a nice bonus. Hahaha I have been told it is good for my mental health…I am not sure I have seen an improvement on that note either. But I will plug away and continue what I have started. I have been doing it for about 2 months now…I may move it to the outside once the weather is more consistently nice. But part of what I do on the treadmill that I cannot do while walking outside is read, I love to read and have found it makes the time go fairly quickly while walking. 

I have been trying to find a free "easy" toning program. There are apps that have popped up on social media that claim to be free...sure the app is free to download but once downloaded you have to purchase the program to be able to actual use it, unfortunately. The one I was particularly interested in is the bed exercises. While laying/sitting on your bed, it gets you to do some leg movements and arm ones, and even some up and downs for your stomach. It sounded great, when I am already laying on the bed, just add in a few things....but alas it is not free, and I am not willing to spend money on what I deem as trivial since there are bound to be free options. 

I have also looked at wall pilates, which looks interesting, but same idea, there are apps but not 'free' once you get in. So, I will continue to search the internet for free options for both or either. If anyone knows of any, I suppose I could also check YouTube....hahaha Never thought of that until writing this, right now. I would also be interested in "accountability buddies" if anyone is looking for that...I would be happy to join forces together! 

So, while this journey seems long and overwhelming right now....I am sure once I get going, especially if others join might be exactly what this tired old soul needs. 

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