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It’s me again. Hahaha I know I have been missing in action lately, but I have a good excuse. We have been picking fiddleheads…over 300 lbs of them in the last 3 weeks. So because I did not prepare any blogs in advance, you just got none. But now I am back, for a little while, then it will be summer where I usually take some breaks, so enjoy the next few, either way. Hahaha

As I was sitting here, I honestly was not sure what I was going to write about…when my messenger dinged and lo and behold it was a message saying I won some cupcakes from Strictly Icing Cakery in Riverview, NB!! (Mind you I cannot eat them but my kids are very excited…lol).  What I will write about today is having luck. 

I believe some people just have more luck than others. Different kinds of luck, I won’t get into them all, but I definitely have luck winning things. You know the old saying ‘You can’t win if you don’t enter’….or I believe it is an old saying…it has got to be a saying at the very least even if it is not old….and if not, it can start right now with me. Hahaha I do try and enter as many contests as I can…cause who doesn’t like hearing they won something?!?!?! 

Over the years I have won some crazy things, just a few months ago I won an exercise/dance pole…the teens call it a stripper pole, but it has yet to be used for that. Mainly it gets used for the 10 year old swinging around on it, or showing it to his friends when they visit…it is a very interesting addition to our playroom. One of these days I will find the instructions on how to properly use it as an exercise/dance pole, but for now, it sits there waiting to be used by more than just kids with grubby hands. Hahaha 

I have won books, money (never life changing amounts…yet…hahaha), gift baskets, clothing, gift certificates, toys, home decor, eyes glasses. treats and now today cupcakes. Yay! I know, I know, life is not about material things…but come on, winning stuff is super fun, it gets the feel goods going and seriously takes any bad or normal day and switches it up a notch to a great day! 

A great day is always welcome here at my house. I have great days without winning things, for sure. But even when, on days like today, the soap boils over (messy and loss of product), or the pots for making said soap kicks the bucket and that means you are down to 1 working…so only 1 batch of soap can be made at once when you planned on making 2 at a time, and it’s just a rainy, gloomy day…winning something takes my day from ugh to yay! 

I do believe I have luck, not just that I am a lucky person because I have family and friends who love me, a warm comfy home, a vehicle that works and good food to eat….No, I mean I have luck. I can pick a lottery card that wins (again, just small amounts…lol), or I find money laying on the road…that kind of luck.

Once I decided I wanted a red purse, but I do not ever want to pay much for my purses…and I went to Frenchy’s and there was one, almost exactly as I had envisioned it, for under $5. That is luck. 

Am I glad I have this kind of luck? Of course…but I also know it is nothing I have done to deserve it/encourage it…it is pure unadulterated luck. Behind my control…but I do feel blessed beyond measure that I was gifted with it. 

Do you have this kind of luck? Or are you one of those who never seems to win anything? 

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