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A few weekends ago we went to Halifax to be vendors at an expo. But that is not really what this blog post is about. Hahaha

We, just Ben and I, were going, and we did not want to spend a lot of money on accommodations. So, we found the cheapest motel Expedia had to offer…that still had reviews saying it was clean. I mean, I can only slum it so much. Hahaha

We arrived shortly after 8 to check in…we drove up and I swear it looked like we were entering a movie…I do not recall ever staying in a motel that resembled onscreen so much (my family may argue here and say we did in fact, but I do not remember)….it was the U shape with all the parking spaces and doors to the rooms directly from the parking lot. There was a set of stairs that went to the second floor, wrought iron stairs…like, you could easily slip and fall through one of them, if you were not careful. Lol The second floor had a balcony so you could see when someone was coming and going….

All in all, it was pretty cool, expect for the fact that it really felt like the kind of place that some drugs deals had gone down…someone had likely been shot…and some women of the night had warmed a patron’s bed a time or two. It was an experience for sure. 

Thankfully the rooms looked newly renovated (at least ours did) and it was clean. We also had a deadbolt on the door…that we gladly used. No one bothered us and we slept well…but every time I looked out the window into the L shaped parking lot…I was reminded that if this was a movie…I could very easily be worried for my life. Hahaha 

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