I'm a Gamer Now?

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Is there anything that you are proud of..that really isn’t ‘proud’ worthy? I assume we all do it…I will elaborate the one I thought was so important. 

I have never been a video gamer, I was never very good when anyone wanted me to play with them. I did ok at the Wii fit stuff or the sports but any of the actual games…not so much. 

On my phone I would play things like Toy Blast or Candy Crush, basically games that did not require knowing how to drive or move characters around. I never played any type of open world, aventure play type games. 

And I was proud when I would say that out loud. Why? No one knows…but I liked the idea that I had not and did not play video games. I was not always ‘video game’ free…I used to play the Super Nintendo when I was younger, again, never very good..but I did play my fair share.

I wonder if one of the reasons I was proud to proclaim I was not a gamer was the bad rap they often get. There seems to be two trains of thought when ‘gamer’ come into most of our minds…kids/teenagers, wasting away their days in front of a screen…or grown men (often declared lazy) doing the same. I know this is very stereotypical thoughts, but in honesty, they are what I think of/or thought of. Hahaha

So,  if I could say I had never played…then I could not be lumped in that catagory. 

But that all changed when my two teenagers suckered me into downloading an open world game on my phone. I literally had to offload most of my current apps just so there was space for this 20 GB game….is that a lot for a game of this type? No idea, since this is my first one ever…hahaha But it is a lot for my 64 GB phone…which also stores a ton of pictures and videos.

I downloaded this game, and got started. One of my teen likes to laugh and tell the storey about how I could not figure out how to move so I just kept hitting the speed button, I got around so not sure why it was so funny. Hahaha Well, I know now how to move, but at the time, it was working for me. 

It took me awhile to figure out how to walk and look around so I could see where I was going…but now that I have been playing for a few weeks, I must say I am pretty good at it. Lol I would still not say I am good at it…but I am up to Adventure Level 15….1 more and I can join the online world, I will be able to join others worlds and they can join mine…the whole goal of my teens for me to play.

One night the teens friend came over, we all played. She looked over and laughed and said ‘I cannot believe you made your mom into a  gamer!’. Me?!? A gamer? Hahaha I Iaugh cause I play one game…does that make me a gamer?!?

Or am I a gamer cause even though I only play one game, I enjoy playing it and get really into it?

Now I do have to evaluate things that I was proud of before…is there a reason worthy of feeling like that? Or can I now push aside those thoughts and find more freedom to just enjoy the things that are available to me in life? Is this what opening our minds starts with, the ability to shatter preconceived notions and stereotypes…to live life to the fullest whatever that might look like for you….and not worry about what it may look like to others? 

If it is, then I say ‘Gamers Unite’, and if you play Genshin Impact…maybe we can set up a gamer date and help each other out and have fun at the same time. 


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