Inner Peace!

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It’s the start of a new year…yay or nay, whichever you feel it is upon us. No one has the choice, the world keeps spinning and time keeps turning…

To be completely honest, I mean when am I not? Hahaha, I do not have high hopes for this year. I am hoping/praying/wishing for one thing, and one thing only. Peace. Not world peace…hahaha cause I know that is not realistic. But just a peaceful year, ideally it would be no big surprises and a gentle year….but since that is also a tall order these days, I am more hoping for inner peace, household peace, more easily attainable.

Inner peace just means that I can deal with whatever is thrown my way this year. It means that even amongst the chaos of life, I can hunker down within myself and move forward. I mean, I would LOVE if there was nothing that tried to shatter that peace…but again, not overly optimistic about that, so I am aiming for being able to handle it with dignity and grace. 

Household peace means exactly how it sounds. That those in my house (under my roof) can get along and together we can work for a good, enjoyable and productive year. I know…this is a tall order as well. Hahaha But it is on my list, nevertheless and we shall see how it turns out.

I am hoping my number one will help my number two (hmmm…maybe not the best wording…kinda sounds like a bathroom trip….lol) if I have inner peace, maybe my family will desire it and follow suit. 

Although I am not just leaving any of it up to chance…even with hoping/praying/wishing, sometimes action is needed. I will continue (and hopefully do more regular) with meditation, exercise and eating right, which is good for everyone. But I have also implemented a few ‘new’ challenges to help our year…good challenges not the bad kind. Hahaha We are going to try and spend at least 30 minutes outside every day, rain, snow, sleet, even deathly hot weather…just 30 minutes, doing whatever we want. The last couple days we have gone out and flew a drone, well Niah did…I just walked around the yard looking at animal prints, trying to guess what animal left them. 

The other thing is part of our homeschool…we are going to do One Book and One Game challenge. We will aim to read one book, and play one game each day. Can be the same book, a different book, a chapter of a novel or a picture book…any book, I will read to whoever wishes to listen (except Adonijah…he has no choice. Hahaha). When the older kids were younger I read to them way more than I do to Niah…so this is a good start. And a game, I let him choose the game. Can be a new game (1st day I taught him to play Settlers of Catan), could be a game we have played a bunch (today was Throw Throw Burritio), somedays it can be a long game (I know he loves Risk) or a short game (Dutch Blitz). Anyone else is welcome to play but most days I see it just being him and I. And I am ok with that. 

So, yes, I will continue to hope/pray/wish for a peaceful year…as the year continues I will actively be adding or subtracting whatever is needed for that to happen. 

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