The $174.43 Bottle of Superglue

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I will start off by saying, we never really know how a situation is going to play out...until it does. Sometimes our choices make a great story though...and here is one. 

The other day I was making lip balms, getting ready for the upcoming markets/events we are attending. I went to grab a jar of coconut oil, it slipped out of my hand, hit my thumb and fell to the floor. No damage to the oil or packaging but broke my thumb nail (quite far down so it was tearing my skin a little....) only about half way though, the rest just hanging there. I had a couple options, rip it off, clip it off, use a bandaid until I could decide what to do or use superglue and a tea bag to fix it. (If you have never heard of this fix for broken was something I learned a long time ago, it is not fool proof, especially when it has been many years since I have used it...but it does work.)

I am going to stop the story right here an explain why having a nail break was both exciting and heartbreaking. I have always wanted good sturdy longer nails (not fake nail length but long enough to tap them on a hard surface and make the cool tapping sound hahahaha), but try as I might over the 40 or so years of my life...(well in fairness maybe the last 30 years...I doubt I cared much under 10 years old...hahaha), I could never get my nails to grow without some help from a nail hardener/strengthener.  I would spend hours a week trying to get them to look good and grow, usually to have them crack anyway, in which case I would chew them off. Then comes the last couple months, I am not sure what changed but my nails grew, did not crack AND were hard enough to withstand daily life, all without doing anything to them, in fact, I have had to cut them several times since they got too long. So, two days before a big event, one where I was cosplaying with long/bright nails was part of the outfit, it was horrible to have a nail break...not everyone will understand this, but trust me, it was a bother to me. 

Back to the that moment Ben walked by, I told him about the broken nail....and wondered what I should do. I explained if I had some superglue (which we did not) I could fix it and all would be well. He suggested I go get it, which made sense but since I was in the middle of making the lip balms and the store closed in 25 minutes and I just would not have time, I asked if he would mind. He did mind, he was just about to make supper and didn't really want to go get superglue for a thumbnail. hehehe (Fair) He asked if I could just put a bandaid on it till tomorrow and then we could get some. I explained that I "could" but it was not ideal...(I did not explain that the reason was cause I had other things to do in the morning that did not involve trying to fix my nail...where I had time that night to do it), so he got his stuff ready to leave....I had a minute to think about it and decided I could wait....but he was already on his way, and honestly thought I was not serious about him waiting and that I would be upset, I would not have been but maybe being distracted making the lip balms, made it sound as if it was a do or die situation. hahaha But alas situations play out differently than in our heads sometimes. 

He went off to get the superglue, and came home. It took him way longer than it should have....and he arrived with a ticket from a cop. I was blown away, the store was literally 5 minutes away! He explained that as he was heading back (a little perturbed that he had to go), he came to the 50km/h zone and did what most of us do, took his foot of the gas and let the vehicle slow him down.  I don't know about you but most people know are never at the correct speed just as it changes.  The cop was driving past him on the other side and as soon as he passed turned on his lights and swung around to stop him. He said he was speeding and should have been at 50 by that time. He did say he could tell he was slowing down...but had not reached it yet. He told him because he was clearly slowing down he was going to issue a warning. But since he was there, he might as well check his licence and registration and such. 

Oh I will say here, Ben was not driving our van, it was our son's keep that in mind...hahaha

He gave the officer his licence and the registration.  When he asked for the insurance Ben began looking and soon began to realize there was no insurance in the vehicle.   He went to his car, took a long while and came back and informed him that he had 3 offences, but would give him a ticket for just one. 1) speeding 2) no proof of insurance (Ben did say ours would cover him....but alas he would need proof of ours and he did not have any, it was in our van) and 3) registration was not signed. So, two of those issues are not in and of themselves Ben's fault....but as the police man stated "You, the driver, are responsible to make sure those things are up to date and present." So, he ended up giving him a ticket for the lack of signature on the registration, because it would not affect his insurance or take any points from his licence. The police man said he didn't have much choice giving him a ticket with three offences on the same stop. hahaha 

Now, you may think my son should have known enough to have his insurance in the car....he thought he had it there but he also has a copy on his phone, which makes sense to me, but since he was not the driver (or even in the car) kinda makes it useless. As well as sign the registration, but I was stopped a few months ago, because our registration was overdue (new van, never thought about it...) and my registration was not signed either. hahaha I did not get a ticket, just two warnings....good thing I wasn't speeding or I probably would have gotten one too. lol 

So in the end, my bottle of superglue was $174.43....was it worth it? No one else may think so, but I do. My nail lasted me the weekend, no one knew it was broken, it was hurting for the event and then by Monday morning I clipped it off. Yes, not only was it that expensive...but it was for something that only lasted a few days. But if he had not been speeding, he would not have been pulled over and the superglue would have been a mere $1.93. Live and learn.  Either way we both think it's a pretty funny story and had to share.   

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