You Really Know Nothing

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I think the theme for 2022 has been "You really know nothing...and anything you think you know can change in a moment". Doesn't sound like a great year, does it? It has not been. 

While there have been good things about this past year....there has also been some of the worst moments in my life. It honestly has gotten to the point of almost being comical how many things have gone "wrong" this year. I say almost....cause what else is there to do when it feels like your world if falling apart around you? You can cry (did that...didn't make me feel better) or you can laugh...I am there. Now, do not misunderstand me, I am NOT laughing at the things that have (and continue to) happen...I am laughing at the obscurity of it all. 

Our life this past year feels like we took 3-4 novels and smashed them all together....different plot lines (each with their own twists), different characters and different settings. Each day we wonder which plot, characters and setting we will be dealing with. Could be any of them...or who knows, we might find ourselves in a totally different story all together. 

Does this sound dramatic? I am sure it does, for those standing on the outside looking in....but I am not sure if it is quite dramatic enough for the toll this year has taken on us (my family and myself personally). 

I won't be getting into any details at this time, I am really only sharing this blog so that everyone remembers that everyone goes through sh*t. No one's life is perfect (even though it may seem so from the outside), and everyone could use a little kindness...or a lot of kindness. It really takes nothing away from yourself to be kind to those around you, and those online too...since online is the new "community". 

We are heading into our busy season (Christmas...yay!!!), and honestly I am fearful of what the end of 2022 has in store for my family....but I also have hope (albeit small) that the end may look brighter than the past 10 months have. If I have learnt one thing this year, it is that you only have so much control over the path your life do not walk this path alone so, you alone do not control it. But you do have control over how you react to the plot twists that others place in your life. 

We are excited to be preparing for the Christmas markets, and are looking forward to seeing our faithful customers and meeting all kinds of new ones.

And while 2022 has tried to bring me down....I am not allowing it. So, if you see me and I smile at you, it is genuine (I have no time for faking anything) is meant for you and it comes from my heart (broken, beaten and bruised but not dead), and I hope it spreads a little cheer into your day, cause that is the kind of kindness we all need. 

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