Silver Linings

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In my blog post last week, I talked about how horrible 2022 has been, not details just that it has been. hahaha

I said a few things have gone right. And today I am going to talk about one of those "right" things. It was unexpected but for myself, I am glad it happened. 

About a month ago one of our teenager daughters came to us and asked if we could "watch" two kittens for a few days. They had been found and someone had taken them in, but her cats did not like them, so they were shut up in a bathroom to not get injured. She was leaving for a few days and thought she better find somewhere for them to stay, as to not leave them in a small washroom alone. 

We were assured it would only be from Tuesday-Friday, and then they would either have a new forever home for them or at the least, this person could take them back. The way our sunporch is set up, we are able to block it off from the rest of the house. There is a door into the kitchen, and two "windows" but those are easy to block off as well. So we (the suckers we are) said sure. 

I went out that day, and when I got back, I knew I was in trouble when Ben came out to meet me at the car and said "Oh my goodness, they are soooo cute". hahaha I was only gone for a few hours and these kittens had already stolen the hearts of the two teenagers (which in fairness is not hard to do...since they both love animals) and the husband (I guess this too should not have surprised me, since he is also an animal lover. lol). So, I walk in the front door and right away I am greeted by the two cutest kittens, they are not small, but not full grown either. They are brothers and exact opposite of each other in colours (and personality too, that we later learned). They seemed happy to meet me and wanted lots of love and attention. 

And they were already named...hahahaha That should have been my first sign. As the day wore on and the next, much attention was paid to these kittens. Everyone was hanging out in the sunporch (we have a couch out there) and they were snuggly and playful. 

To make a long story short...the kittens found a forever is here. But I am assuming you all knew where that was going, no big surprise ending. hahahaha It was a little up and down to get us there, but in the end, they fit right into the house, they get along with the other animals and they are sweet. And while I thought 1 cat would be enough, 3 is not that much more work....well no work for me, since not my cats. hahaha 

For me, it is just nice that something in 2022, even something unplanned and unexpected, turned out to be a good thing.  Look for the silver linings in the clouds that come into our lives.   


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