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There is this meme going around that says I use a blanket no matter the temperature. I have seen ones about watching tv and about sleeping....this is me. I need a blanket all.the.time. I own a lot of blankets, and my kids keep getting me more, because who doesn't need/want more blankets? hahaha

I have my sleeping blanket, that I also use as my watching tv blanket, my I am cold at food time blanket, it has gone with me to almost every campfire, as well as the beach several times. It is big (queen size), comfy and not really all that portable, but I take it with me anyway. lol 

I also have my car blanket. Yes, I carry around a blanket in the car, even in the summer...because while it maybe hot outside of the car, we usually have the air conditioner on or the windows open, and I just feel better having a blanket. It is smaller in size and not that hard to transport. Sometimes I almost take it in when we go to someone's case they have no blanket for me to use while we hang out. hahaha 

I actually have 3 car blankets, and depending on the situation, will depend which one I take. They were all gifts, one from a good friend, one from my son and his wife and the other from one of my daughters. I will NEVER not be thankful for receiving a blanket as a gift. There is just something special to me about my own blankets....they conform to me, they bring me comfort and joy just seeing them on my bed or in my chair. I do enjoy sharing them if someone needs one. My car ones are smaller, so harder to share, but I usually am willing…as long as I am still getting my fair share of it. Hahaha

I always get two responses to those who find out I have a car blanket. ‘Wow! That’s awesome! I never thought of that.’ Or ‘Why would you need a blanket in the car?’ Hahaha But honestly, it is usually the first response. Hmmm…I wonder how many people I have helped be liberated from a chilly car…just by sharing this tip? Lol

I wonder how many people I will help now that I am sharing very publicly? Am I helping to make the world a better place? I believe so…cause if you are warm and cosy in your car, maybe there will be less road rage. (Kinda like hangry…when you are angry cause you are hungry, you eat.)

Help stop cosgry (angry cause you are not cosy) keep warm and cosy in your car with your car blanket, end road rage and make the world a better place. Or at the very least, it will keep your lap warm while you are being hot headed. Hahaha 


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