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It seems that everybody and their dog blogs in one form or another today and statics show right around 70% of bloggers make zero money from blogging.  There is a blog that covers almost any topic you can imagine, so whatever your interest there is a blog for you.  So why would someone take up this overcrowded space in an attempt to create something people like and read.  I was reflecting on the reasons why for us as a busy family, business owners, homeschoolers, and everything else we would invest the time into a weekly blog.  

The truth is, the reason is not really about you, the reader, at all.  While we love receiving comments and feedback about our weekly posts, we primarily do it for us, ourselves, as it has several things it does for us in all our various roles.  Here are a few of the top reasons for me personally.  

1. Self-Reflection-  Blogging causes you to stop and reflect on your beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and how it relates to people in general, at the very least your specific audience.  Blogging can be a sort of summary diary of your life and all the various aspects.  
2. Stress Relief- There is no shortage of opportunities to be super busy in our society and writing a blog can force you to take a moment and pause with your own thoughts.  In my opinion this is a far better place to deal with thoughts than laying in bed trying to get to sleep, not that blogging eliminates that by any means.  Sometimes if writing about a specific pain or hurt in your life, it can bring you to a healthy place of reflection, analysis and acceptance or drive to change.  
3. Connection - With technology we have become more and more disconnected in some ways but more connected in other ways.  Blogging can allow you to connect with people you might not have ever encountered apart from writing.  
4. Expand Your Mind - Blogging can cause you to see things in other people's views as they respond and interact with what you have shared.  Too often we are locked in a mindset we have created for ourselves and to grow and learn we need to have others present other viewpoints, thoughts, beliefs and opinions that can help us explore our own.  
5. Creativity - I believe we are creative by nature and that everyone has an inner longing to create in some form or another.  The problem is life can often become so scheduled with work, family, friends and whatever else we fill it with that we leave little to no time for creativity.  Writing is absolutely an art, and regardless of whether you are a professional or still riding with the training wheels, the process of creativity will do you a world of good.  

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