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New Year's Resolutions are frustrating. You really plan to do them, everyone sets out with good intentions, but more times than not you fall short and they do the exact opposite of what they were originally intended to you grow to become the person you would like to be. But when we fail at them, we get discouraged and in turn dislike who we are....because we could not become who we want to be. So we try again next year....and the cycle continues. 

So, several years ago (I am not really sure how many....possibly 6 or so) I discovered something that has literally been life changing for me. Instead of a "New Years Resolution" (although to be honest I do still do this sometimes....but it is almost always eat more chocolate...which is very easy to do! lol) I choose a word for the year, this word will help me grow and helps me make decisions during the year. If I am having a hard time making a decision, I will use my word to see if it fits with my "theme" for the year. An example of one a few years ago, as the year went on, if someone asked me if I wanted to take on a project but it would not be simple and would complicate my life (even if it was a GOOD project to do) I would say no. 

In past years I have used meditation and prayer to help me discover my word. This year I decided to use a Word of the Year generator....there are several out there just google it. What I decided to do was meditate on the words that came up, the first word as well as the second did not "speak" to me. But when I did the third word it just felt "right". So, now I have my word for the year. :) 

My word for the year of 2019 is Resilient. It feels like a scary word....but I do feel it is the right one for me. I am not aging gracefully....every year I enter my birthday kicking and screaming (not on the outside so much but on the I had a rough time turning 40 and now I have blinked and turned 41...I have no idea what this year holds for me but I do know I will use my word to help guide me.

Resilient: 1) able to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened. 2) able to quickly return to its usual shape after being bent, stretched or pressed. 

If you like the idea of making a resolution but not the actual doing of it...maybe the Word of the Year is right for you :) If you decide to give it a go....comment and let me know or share with me your word for the year! 

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