What's Your Passion?

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I was asked the other day what my passion was....that got me thinking what is a passion, does everyone have one? Do people have more than one? Can a person’s passion change as life changes? 

I was not sure what to answer....there is currently nothing in my life that I would say is my passion. There are things I enjoy, things I care about...but not passionate about. Is this ok? Should I have one or two? Does it give life more meaning if I do? Or are there seasons of passion and seasons of finding a passion? 

I know this is a lot of questions...hahaha Because I do not know the answers. I know I have had passions in the past, I find they change based on the circumstances of my life....does that make them passions or would they be in the category of things I care about, but not passionate since they can/have changed? 

Some examples of my passions of the past would be: healthy eating....I used to search and read every book I could find on the healthiest way to eat to feel good, live long and yet still enjoy eating...hahaha I would say I was very passionate about it, I could talk to anyone and everyone, I could back up my decisions with articles and experts and I loved talking to people about it all. Now, while I would love to say I was still passionate about that...I am not. I still enjoy talking about it and learning...but the idea is a little overwhelming since no experts seem to agree and there are just as many different "right or best" ways out there as there are people. lol 

Another one was homeschooling, now don't get me wrong we still homeschool....and we enjoy it...but it is does consume all my days and thoughts like it used to, trying to find the best method, curriculum, websites, courses....I used to spend hours searching and planning. Now while I still talk about homeschooling, it is not what consumes my days. The kids learn, I offer opportunities but I don't worry so much about picking out the "right or perfect" activities....any activities are beneficial and every opportunity can be a learning experience. 

I have had many more over the years my friends and family could probably better remember them all. hahaha But what is my passion now? I really do not know. Is there a difference between a hobby and a passion? Can you have one without the other? I have always loved reading...is that a passion or a hobby? Does it have to do with my outward expression of said hobby that makes it a passion....or is it the internal fire it creates when thinking about it? 

This is something I will think about for the next little while and decide if I ‘need’ a passion in my life, or if it is just ok to be in a season of rest from passion…and take it from there. Maybe a passion cannot be forced…cause if it is, is it truly a passion? Hmmm…so many questions. HahHa 

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