Rain Drops On Roses

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This year my teens and I started our own bullet journals...no this post is not about bullet journals.....and no, I have not been using mine...hahahaha But in preparing the pages, I was searching online and while there are a million "page" suggestions, one of them caught my eye and I decided to create it. 

And lo and behold, as I go to get my bullet journal, that has been sitting in a basket under an end table in the living room...you know, where it will be doing so much good. hahahaha I noticed that I indeed have not gotten around to creating this page that I want to blog about today. Good grief! But I can still talk about it, and maybe next week sometime I will actually get around to creating it. 

I am not 100% sure what I will call it yet, probably Raindrops On Roses....get it?!?!  It will be a list of things I like...or my favourite things. My kids are always asking me when it comes time to get me presents, what do I like? What shows/books/movies/characters do I enjoy? I tell them every single time, it rarely changes, just some new ones get added to it.

So, I thought if I had the list in my bullet journal, I would not have "re-think" about it each time they ask. Sounds like a smart idea to me...we will see if it works. 

Here I will share my favourite thing list...and there could be some I am totally forgetting....but it's a start anyway. And maybe you, my reader, can share yours and I can have some new things to add!!! 

Anything beach related, seahorses, sand dollars, ses glass…

Gingerbread men


Snow globes

Snow flakes


Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

Schitt’s Creek

Dr. Who

Patterned socks

Decorations for lesser holidays (Easter, st Patrick’s day, Valentine’s Day, Canada Day, Christmas shower curtains/hand towels)

Anything 80’s…Care Bears, strawberry shortcake, music, movies 

Cozy things, blankets, sweaters, slippers

I do think it is good to re-evaluate these types of lists every once in a while...because as we grow and change and age or even just get many presents from the same fandom, we could be willing to say, still love it but nope, I don't need anymore. And that is good and well...and even useful for those around hoping to spark joy within you with their gifts...

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