I'd Like to File a Complaint

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I love my company. I love all the products we make/sell. I honestly think everyone should also love them. But I know realistically, there will be people who will not 1) even want to try them and 2) won't like them if/when they do....I know this...but that does not mean I will not get upset/sad/disappointed when that happens. 

I went to a networking seminar luncheon a few years ago, during the presentation the expert said that you need to know your audience, your product/business will not be for everyone. I joked that my product IS for everyone, or could be if everyone gave our products a chance. I was joking...sort of. hahaha I know there are loads of people who will not be interested in anything "natural" for several reasons, but I figure since soap nuts work just as well (and in some cases better) than any commercial laundry detergent on the market, I cannot fathom that anyone would not want to at least give them a try. But alas, I know that there will be people who will not want to try or try and not like them, and I gotta come to terms with that. 

Over the 5 years we have had our business, we have not had many complaints about our products. We have had a few, on rare occasions and almost everyone was polite and cordial about their complaint. I know as it grows (which we hope it will) there will likely be more customers who will let us know what they did not like and why. I have to be ready for it. I have this issue with people not liking me....and because I put my heart and soul into our business (the products and the business itself) I do tend to take things personally if/when we receive these types of feedback. 

I think it matters too how the feedback has been shared with us. We have had a couple (literally 2 out of hundreds, so not a lot) of batches of our lip balms that were not up to our standards, the people who had purchased them were very kind and we (hopefully) made it right by replacing their balms with a new one. I guess I think of it this way, if you don't care for our products or find fault with them, and you let us know, we will do everything in our power to continue to make you a satisfied customer. 

But sometimes, and if you work in retail or own your own business or have kids (hahaha) you know that sometimes no matter what you do, some people will just never be satisfied. I do hope that is not the case for many people, in regards to our business. We can try, but sometimes there are just people who want to complain. Yes, there are complainers and crap disturbers we will come across, "Karen's" for a lack of a better word to describe them. hahaha (Sorry to all the Karen's I know...not one of you is the "Karen" I am describing)...but there are customers who just want to be upset...and I have not figured out how to deal with them yet. (Thankfully because we have not come across many of them). I always try and take the high road (even when they upset me and I do not understand their point of view), but it does affect our daily lives. Maybe that does not happen to everyone, but because (like I explained) our company and products are so very personal (we sell mostly handmade products by our family/friends) that it makes it difficult to separate the business from our personal life. If I get upset/saddened by a customer, it affects my family's day, because I, in turn, am upset for the day. I know I should just let it go...but that can be hard, when I have worked so hard to find/make/sell products that I use for our family....I just want everyone to like them as much as we do. 

I am trying really hard to not be too specific with this blog. I would not want anyone thinking they are the reason I am writing it...hahaha But alas, it had to come from somewhere. So, this is all I will say regarding why this blog is coming to be.....If you purchase something from a small business (or anyone really) and it is not "our cup of tea", do let that company know, but in a nice way. No need for being nasty in your interactions. And I also know that it is very hard to read tone over text/messages/emails.....so I always try and throw in a few smily faces or something to let the person know that even though I am not happy with the product and/or service, I am not upset at them personally....because while yes, they sold me the goods, the goods are not them. 

We want our company to grow, but I know with growth there will be more customers and with more customers there will be a higher chance of finding a "complainer" or two or ten....so anyone who has been at this longer than I have....or have found a way to deal with the irate customers in a pleasant manner AND to not allow myself to take it so personally....please fill me in. lol I, personally, feel I have dealt with these types of customers well (besides it ruining a day or two along the way), but I wish I had a better plan in place. And as my oldest daughter informed me, if you only have one or two complaints out of the thousands of customers you have had...you are doing pretty good. :) 


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