An Ode to Sickness

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An Ode to Sickness

Hello Sickness my old friend,

I've gotten hit with you again,

Because a virus softly creeping,

Left it's seed while I was sleeping,

and the virus that was planted in my chest,

still congests.

Within the sounds of coughing. 


Best conversation of the week: "Wow, I look like crap." "You look like death...You are the hottest dead girl I have ever seen." hahahaha 

I used to have a very strong immune system. Everyone else in the house would get sick, and I would be the one who stayed well. I seemed to have two modes, not sick at all or very sick. But I was never sick very often, so it was ok. Lately though, I have been getting sick....more often and worse. Last winter I was sick for 9 weeks straight. Today, I am writing from bed, I have been here for 1 week already and I see a few more days before I will have the energy/wellness to get out. 

I do try and take care of myself, but sometimes that is just not enough when it comes to viruses. Sometimes they just hit you, no matter what you do. And I think that is ok, I believe that the immune system works when we encounter illness....sometimes it wins, sometimes it gets strengthened by the illness. But we have to help it out. Resting, drinking lots of fluids, eating right....these are all things that can help avoid illness, but also help illnesses not last too long. 

We also try and avoid people who are sick and avoid people around people when we are sick. Sometimes that is easy, other times it is harder to do. We had to cancel on an event this past weekend, we hate to do that, but neither of us felt well enough to pack up all our stuff and sit outside for 4 hours...then pack it all back in and bring it home. We missed being there (and seeing our customers) but we also didn't want to pass it on to anyone! 

What remedies do you use when you feel an illness coming on? Do you wait until you are truly sick to do any of them, or do you try and catch it before it gets too bad? 

I know this is not a long blog today (and last week was not long either...:P) but sometimes they just gotta be short and me! hahaha 🙂 

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