Always Welcome

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I wrote a blog about creative writing a few months ago. Today I have decided to share one of my creative pieces. I actually just wrote this especially for this blog post :) Enjoy! 

Always Welcome

The day the leaves start to change colour, the temperature begins to slowly drop. Sweaters and socks become a part of my drinks become a part of our daily routine. Hot chocolate, tea, a warm cup of anything to warm myself from the inside out. 

Fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm on cold floors.

Cuddling on the couch, without being too warm.

Fall is the time for long walks in our woods, smelling the "Christmas" tree smells that remind me that soon Christmas season will begin.

Fall with pumpkins and apples and new beginnings.

As fall arrives, I anticipate changes both within myself as well as in the world around me.

Fall colours, orange and red and mustard yellow. Beautiful as we drive to town.

The days get shorter and the nights longer.

Fall, new beginnings that come from an end. End of summer, end of hot days at the beach....but beginning of family time and holidays that rival all other...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthdays....

Fall always a little too short but always welcome and just on time. 

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