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I have sold many Blendtecs....at least 3 or 4...which might not sound like a lot...but 1) I do not really sell Blendtecs and 2) they are expensive, so not an overly easy sell. lol 

I bought myself a Vitamix many years ago...I was so excited. I had saved up, sold things I no longer loved or needed, I scrimped and saved every penny...birthday money, nickels found on the ground...lol I could not wait to get it. I thought, this is going to be a life changer for me....I love to blend things and I only wanted the best! It arrived, I unpacked and used it everyday for the next few months....but I just did not love it. The love was not there....I was sad and confused. I have no idea I would get this wonderful machine home and NOT love it! It was so unexpected.....I mean I had researched the crap out of high end blenders and THIS was supposed to be the one. 

Then close to Mother's day, Costco had the Blendtec on sale....I really wanted to give it a try...since it was the other high end blender that everyone raved about. But what if I got it and didn't like it any better than my Vitamix? But could I put out that much money to have both in the house at the same time? Hmm....what to do? So, I asked my oldest daughter to front me the money as a Mother's Day gift..lol So, I could own both and use both and see which one (if either) I preferred. 

So, the day it arrived, I was apprehensive but excited. I used it...and loved it. But I didn't want one too optimistic, one day of using it was not enough. So, I used it for the next month....and I seriously loved it. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I loved that I could let me kids (older kids not young kids) use it themselves. There was no "tamper" thing that they needed to worry about. There was buttons with pre determined cycles that made it supper simple for them to use. It wasn't as high as the Vitamix so it fit better under the counter and I bought a red one....my favourite colour is red and I love the look of red appliances. 

So, I sold my Vitamix and have never once regretted it. The Blendtec has been used around 1700 times (it gives a count) and it is still going strong. I did have one issue with the jar and Blendtec's support was awesome and send a new one within a couple days. The warranty is 7 years....7 years! 

Like I said, I have sold several...I tell people how much I love mine, and they go buy one. Too bad I couldn't get commission for all the things I have sold in the past....hahahaha 

Do you own a high end blender? Have you ever wanted one but just was not sure it was worth it? 

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