Why Shampoo Bars Are The Future

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One of our very best sellers here at Ever After Acres are our soap nut shampoo bars.  The popularity of them has soared in the almost two years we have been selling them.  We aren't the only company pushing forward with this trend away from traditional shampoo towards bar form.  You can find them all over the place and we have the scoop on why.

There are several reasons the popularity of these shampoo bars is sky rocketing.  

1. The minimal or no packaging.  Our shampoo and body soap has absolutely zero packaging.  Many of the shampoo bars other companies make that do have packaging use minimal packaging.  We know how harmful plastics are to the environment and if we can eliminate shampoo bottles that's a good thing.

2. The simplicity of the ingredients.  There are so many shampoos with some pretty nasty chemicals on the market and even many of the all natural ones can be very harsh.  Remember all natural doesn't equal good for you, uranium makes a lousy shampoo, even though it is all natural.  We make our shampoo and body soap with the simplest of ingredients.  

3. The cost is pretty amazing.  If you want you can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive shampoo which is actually no better for your hair than shampoo bars.  In some cases such as our shampoo and body soap the saponin from the soap nuts is actually better for your hair and skin.  Our shampoo and body soap sell for $6 a bar, which is incredible even compared to other shampoo bar prices. 

4. Great for traveling.  A reason we hear all the time for people buying the shampoo bars is for travelling.  We know liquid shampoo has to be in specific containers and specific amounts but shampoo bars are not liquid.  We have many customers who travel with our shampoo and body soap without any issues.  

5.  Shampoo bars are concentrated and diverse so you need less than you would from a regular shampoo and can use it for more.  While we label our two soaps shampoo and body, they are really interchangeable since the only difference is some added olive and canola oil in the body soap.  Many of our customers use body soap for shampoo and shampoo for body soap.  They also make a great shaving cream as they both lather very well.

So the last thing to share with you is why our shampoo bars and body soaps are different from what you are likely to find on the market.  We make our bars with soap nut liquid which brings the hypoallergenic and health benefits found in soap nuts.  That's why many customers with eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and those looking for healthy hair and skin love our shampoo bars and body soap.    

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  • There definitely are some customers that find they don’t need a conditioner using the shampoo bar. Especially those who use our body soap for shampoo because it has olive and canola oil added to it.

    Ever After Acres on
  • Do people find shampoo bars eliminate the need for conditioners?

    Laurie on

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