We All Need A Vacation

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Everybody needs a vacation and that's exactly where we are this week.  We do most our vacation time in the winter months, when retail tends to slow down after Christmas but we do take a little in the summer, since it is such a short season here in eastern Canada.  Everyone seems to have their own unique pattern to vacation and what they enjoy.  I want to share with you how we spend our vacation and ask that you share how you spend yours with us.  

We have a variety of ways we spend our vacation in the summer.  We tend to spend some time settled at my parents cottage on the Washedemoak Lake off the Saint John River.  This is a very relaxing sort of vacation because we simply move in for a period of time.  There is something about vacation in one spot with a roof over your head that is conducive to relaxation.  We spend our sunny days swimming, walking in the woods or on the hammock.  The rainy days are equally loved as we listen to the rainfall on the roof while we read, play games, tell stories and eat too much.  

The other type of vacation we do in the summer is day or short trips.  We tend to spend much of our time exploring our own province or those neighbouring it since there is no end to what is out there to discover.  These trips can also vary from short travel distance to long travel.  We enjoy driving, so we have done day trips around the Gaspe before where the majority of the day is spent driving and looking.  We also do shorter trips where it's less driving and more time at a location such as Fundy or Bouctouche.  We have had many adventures on these day trips and I will share with you three of our favourite spots for day trips.  

1. Eatonville/Three Sisters - very similar feel to Fundy or St. Martins but much more isolated and one of the coolest beaches in the Maritimes.  
2. Wallace Falls outside of Sussex - One of our favourite waterfalls we have found in the Maritimes.  It's a bit of rugged drive but our van has done the trek, so not too bad.  
3. Cape Road Beach in PEI - Opposite of Cavendish beach this secluded spot wraps around the coast so you have beautiful beach which transitions in to the red rock cliffs of PEI.  

So that's a little bit about our vacation practices, how do you spend your vacations?  Do you stay home, cottage/camp, travel, or something completely different?

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