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Today as I write this our part of the country is under a heat warning as the temps soar to around 40C or 105F for our American friends.  That is drastic difference from the 12C or 53F we had on Monday.  So, with summer here it means lots of outdoor fun and for our family it means lots of treats we typically tend to have this time of year.  Today I want to share with you a few delicious treats our family gobbles up quicker than a cheetah on Redbull.

Marshmallow Cheese Crackers -  This is a childhood treat I've eaten as long as I remember, thanks to my mom.  All you do is cut tiny square pieces of cheese (we like cheddar but feel free to explore) and place on the cracker.  Then place half a marshmallow on top of the cheese.  Repeat a whole bunch of times on a cookie sheet and then broil it just long enough that the marshmallows are nice brown colour.  Messy but divine.  
BBQ Doughnuts - This is a pretty simple one, but blew my mind the first time I had one.  You need a good sugar doughnut, even though any will technically work.  Simply place on the BBQ and cook until the sugar is caramelized, tiny bit of black grill marks are perfection.  Our go to brand is Mrs. Dunsters, cause they are so good and local.  

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts -  This came from our good friend Chris who introduced us to taking a waterchestnut soaking it in soya sauce for a few hours, rolling in sugar, wrapping in bacon and cooking for 30-45 minutes at 350F.  When the bacon is cooked they are ready to eat.  This treat requires a little more work but oh so worth it in the end.  

Peanut Corn - This is the one and only creation of my own doing.  I need to tell you a story though, to tell you exactly what this snack entails.  One random Sunday afternoon, around lunchtime, I got a phone call from my good buddy Jeff.  All he said was "Ben, we have a bunch of people over for lunch and I was telling them a story about our childhood and they don't believe a story I'm telling.  I'm going to ask you a question and all I want you to do is answer the question.  I'm going to put you on speaker phone so everyone can hear your reply.".  

Now, trust me if this ever happens to you without knowing the question you would be super nervous, as I was.  This was one of my best friends who knew a lot of crap about me and lots of stories that should stay between friends, so I was panicking.  I then hear the buzz of people around his table chattering, meaning I'm live on speaker phone.  Jeff proceeds, "When we were kids what was it you used to put on your corn on the cob?".  A wave of relief came over me as this was an easy one, "peanut butter" I replied.  Cheers arose from my phone as everyone celebrated my correct answer.  

I know it sounds weird but if you like peanut butter and corn on the cob you have to try this combination.  And I'll give you a parting gift snack that closely relates to this mouth watering treat I just gave you.  Melt some peanut butter in the microwave and pour over top of popcorn.  I warn you it is supper messy but is one of the best snack foods you will have this summer.  Happy eating this summer and yes I realize these are not healthy foods but summer is the time to eat them as you burn those extra calories swimming, hiking and sweating.  

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