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I am getting ready to start a Tik Tok account…I know that sounds weird but according to my teens, I need to have a bunch of content ready to go…because consistency is the key (really sounds like the rest of life…hahaha) and since I know myself, I know there will be times I just won’t get around to/feel like/able to make new content…so before I even start, I need to have enough ‘in the cue’ so to speak. 

I have learned the best way to get content is to watch content other people have made. So, here I am, watching Tik Toks…I did try and stay away from them for this long, mainly because I have this strange phobia of not wanting people to know what I am doing on my phone when I am doing it…like I said it is weird and does not make a whole lot of sense, since I am never doing anything strange…hahaha I almost always have my volume down…so even when playing a game (Genshin Impact..lol) or watching tutorials I don’t always get the full picture because I have it on mute. 

I think it started when Facebook started adding reels to the timeline…I would be scrolling down, minding my own business and then BAM, the sound of a reel would scare the living daylight out of me. Hahaha And I felt judged by eveyone in the room…‘ Why are you watching that?’, ‘Why is your volume so loud?’ ‘Why are you not actually watching the whole thing and just scrolling?’ ‘Why are you actually watching the whole thing?’…you get the idea, typical overthinking stuff. Hahaha 

Anyway, back to Tik Toks…so here I am watching them, learning how to save audios…so I can create my own, writing down ideas of ones I would like to do…and I even recorded one last night. Me, all on my own…it’s just of the cat laying on me…but instead of snapping a photo (which is what I would normally do) I took a video of it…and it turned out cute and now I just gotta decide what audio or voice over I want to use with it. See, look at me sounding like I know the lingo…lol 

I think it will be a fun adventure, give me some purpose on days when I can find none…and it might be fun to look back on what I thought was funny/interesting or worth recording 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years from now. I do love looking at my Facebook memories, even though from the last year going forward they will mainly be funny memes. 

And honestly, while it would be cool and awesome if some of them (or one of them) went ‘viral’…I am actually ok if it just makes people smile once in awhile….cause that is what it has done for me, before I have even started…laughing about the ideas and hoping to brighten other peoples days just cause I can. 


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