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Here is another question that has been roaming through my mind lately…

What is guilt? Why do we feel guilty? Especially over things that make no sense to feel guilty over. (Kinda along the same lines as the blog I wrote about the things we feel proud about…) Do some people just feel more guilt naturally than others? Is it a personality trait or an environmental consequence? 

I am not talking about religious guilt…that is a whole other blog…that I cannot see writing anytime soon….so keep this in mind as I continue.

Do you ever feel guilty for taking a few moments/hours or even a full day to revive yourself? Are you the type of person who knows how important spending time with yourself and spending time doing things that you enjoy but yet feel the guilt…so you either do not do it or you do not rejuvenate because you cannot actually spend the time relaxing.    

What about guilt over the food you enjoy? Most people who eat ‘healthy’ (and I do use that term loosely since as a previous blog post stated because all the experts do not agree..hahaha) are proud of how they eat…yet those who eat less healthy feel guilty. Why? Is it for themselves or because of those around them? 

My journey has gotten me thinking about what I enjoy and what makes me feel good, and should I feel guilty just because it may not be what others would pick for themselves? I know with my mental health issues I need to take care of my physical body too…but feeling guilty over what I get done or not done (how I eat and take care of myself) is not going to help this…so honestly, I am going to do what I can…small steps, better than no steps, right? 

I also read almost solely Young Adult Fiction…I used to feel guilty thinking I should be reading more ‘adulty/educational’ books, but reading is for enjoyment, why should I feel guilty for what I enjoy? That is like saying I feel guilty because I like the colour red…seems silly to feel guilty over something so personal….when it really effects no one but myself. Hahaha

it is an interesting idea, guilt…and how we use it to make decisions in everyday life. Or maybe, not everyone uses their guilt the same as I do. Or even thinks of it as often as I do. I am slowly learning that not everyone’s mind works the same as mine. (Although, from talking with others, it appears I am not alone…)

Guilt…is it always a bad thing? Or does it sometimes keep us from making bad decisions? So confusing really when you really think about it. Hahahaha What do you think? Share your thoughts with me! I love a good discussion. 

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