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I am sure, if you read my blog posts at all, you will know I have a limited diet. So when I find something I enjoy and CAN actually eat, I get very excited. Especially if it is sugary...I love me a sugary treat. hahaha

So last year we found Dare Strawberry Marshmallows to eat. They are fun little marshmallows that taste amazing (I pair them with something salty....) and do not have any ingredients I cannot have. YAY! They also make a peach one I can eat, I prefer the strawberry but will eat whichever I can find. (The banana ones have corn syrup, which I do not eat....so the banana ones are out for me. lol) 

The only issue I have with these delicious little morsels is that they are only available for the summer or at least seem to be....and not even the whole summer. The Dollarama carries them (for the cheapest price) but they are all sold out already, and there is still summer left! What I am to do?!?! 

I checked online today and apparently Canadian Tire, of all places, have them and it says in-stock...which I never would have guessed, and not much more expensive than the dollar store. So I will be heading there in the next few days to check it out, and stock up....although I am not sure how much I would have to purchase to get me through to next summer...hahaha Now mind you I only eat about 2-4 of these mallows a day, just a little sweet snack in the evening....

Do you have a favourite treat that only comes out certain times of the year? I know a lot of people like candy canes or eggnog that comes out for Christmas...but I didn't realize until I started looking for these marshmallows that there are summer treats as well. I wish I could buy enough of them that the company would think it was justified in selling them all year long...or maybe it is a good thing that they are seasonal, so I can look forward to enjoying them next year...something to help make the winter seem not so long. hahaha 

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