More Summer Please

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The humidity has finally lifted, for now. And I know a lot of people are glad...but I don't mind it. I enjoy the heat....especially since we got heat pumps (a.k.a air conditioning) a few years back. hahaha So, when we wake up in the morning I have no idea how hot it is out, until I go outside. 

I do hope it comes back, it feels more like summer when it is so hot you gotta do whatever you can to keep cool, whether that is hang in a pool in the backyard, or head to the beach or if you are lucky enough to have a cottage/camp to go to that has water. Some people will head to the air conditioned mall...which is a valid way to spend an afternoon in extreme heat. 

My favourite way to beat the heat is with water, if I only have a few hours or a day, the beach calls me...but if I have a few days, I will want to head to the lake. Which is a cottage belonging to my in-laws on the Washademoak lake. While it can still be hot, especially at night when you are trying to sleep, there is something about being there that almost makes it not matter....cause you are at the lake. Spotty data and lots of sunshine, sign me up. 

I went camping a few weekends back and got the worst sunburn I have gotten in years....but it was so worth it (even with the funky tan lines it created), we were in Kouchibouguac National Park camping with our local homeschool community, it was beautiful out, we were on a lagoon and one of the ladies had brought a blow up floating island. A few of us got out and laid down for the entire afternoon....we did apply sunscreen (well I did anyway) but I guess we were out longer than the sunscreen would work. But it was marvellous, just laying there enjoying. 

The sunburn did make it more difficult to sleep that night...which I already have a hard time sleeping in a tent at times, and to be uncomfortable on my legs...just my front legs, not my back...and I sleep on my stomach, so yeah, not much fun. 

But again, so worth it. I am looking forward to the hot humid weather returning (please return) so I can do more laying around in the water, just enjoying summer. Cause summer is so short compared to winter, which seems so long and dreary. Although I do love being snuggled up in a blanket, with a tea and a book in front of a fire....but during the summer, I prefer summer weather. And since it is only the first day of August....we need more summer weather. 

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