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My Favourite Kitchen Appliances #1

I love to bake.  I would bake everyday all day, if I never had to clean it up! AND if baking that much didn't put my families health at risk...cause we do NOT need goodies and treats every day. lol Well, they think they do, but I know they do not. 
But when it comes to cooking....my favouite appliance to use is my Instant Pot. I know there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Instant Pot. It is considered a cult following (don't know what a cult following is....this is the official google search definition: A cult following comprises a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a work of culture, often referred to as a cult classic. A film, book, musical artist, television series or video game, among other things, is said to have a cult following when it has a small but very passionate fanbase....so not a work of art, but an appliance....lol) I love my instant pot...I am part of the cult...or a pothead as they are called. 


I know not everyone likes theirs....or sees the need for one. And I can see situations where it would not be a good fit for your family. They are called Instant Pot...but they are not really instant. They do still take time. But what I love is that I can set it and not have to think about it again until the time is up. We are home most days...all day. And the instant pot works for us, cause I can add supper at 3 in the afternoon. If you are gone all day long and want to eat as soon as you get home...it may not be the appliance of choice for you. If you don't mind throwing everything in when you get home and not eating for an hour (depending on what you are cooking) then it will work for you! 

I have made yogurt (before I had to stop eating it...now we buy it cause I was the biggest yogurt eater in the house), I have made rice (but we do have a rice cooker which does a good job too...so until that kicks the bucket we will just keep using it...waste not want not), pork chops, roasts, hamburgers, meat loaf, spaghetti....I have made banana bread that I enjoyed but it was a little moist for others in the house. There are so many blogs out there on how to use it and great recipes. 
Customer service means a lot to me when purchasing products....and they have an excellent customer service department. I had issues with one of my pots...and they worked with me until I was happy. They were kind and helpful and just nice. But then again...they are a Canadian Company....what else could you expect? 🙂
Now that Ben does most of the cooking, it does not get used as much. But it is still a good kitchen appliance to have and I love that I have filled mine with decals that make me smile.  
So, have you tried an Instant Pot? Would you put it has one of your top appliances? Did you hate it? Let me know! I love talking about mine....cult members usually do! lol 

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