Hasta La Vista Baggie

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This month we are taking on a pretty big change for our family but it is one we feel is important.  We are going to be giving up plastic baggies in our everyday life.  Most of us call them zip lock bags from the brand name, sort of like Kleenex or Kraft Dinner.  This may seem to some of you like not that difficult to do while for others you may be thinking there is no way you could give up zip lock bags.  This is a very big deal for us, as we were very much a baggie family.  
The last few weeks we ran out of them and I have been doing sort of a test run to see how it goes without these very bad pollutants.  I will say it is a bit more challenging but with a few containers added to our existing collection we should be able to pull it off.  We used them sadly for everything from covering up the end of open cheese packages to storing half used fruits and veggies.  They are absolutely a product that exists for the purpose of convenience.  While convenience is great, the truth is much of our woes environmentally are a result of convenience.  We call our monthly blog "It's Not Easy Being Green" because we believe most of the time it is more inconvenient to be environmentally aware but like I tell me kids the best and right things are often the more difficult things to do.  

We will still use existing bags we have for long term uses such as craft supplies and no perishable storage.  The plan is to no longer buy them for our personal daily living and the remainder baggies we have will be used for long term items.  We all know the problem with plastics and the risk they present to our planet.  I read a report not long ago that said statistically we are getting to a point where the majority of water, including drinking water, contains micro plastics.  I don't know about you but that's a pretty terrifying thought.  

I will confess that while we will be eliminating them from our personal lives, one area that we still will be utilizing these plastic bags during fiddlehead season.  Unfortunately, these tasty little veggies need packaged for transportation, delivery and storage.  Hopefully though reducing our personal use and minimizing amount used for business will make a difference.  Anyone dare to take on this challenge with us and say Hasta La Vista baggie?  

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