Pagans, Jesus, Santa and Rabbits

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Happy Easter weekend, or as I prefer to call it rabbit chocolate turd weekend.  Seriously have you never made the connection easter eggs bear a striking resemblance to little rabbit poops?  It got me thinking why is a rabbit even connected to Easter.  I guess it goes back to Lutherans in Germany who portrayed the rabbit as a judge of whether children were naughty or nice...wait a minute.  The rabbit also brought coloured eggs, candy and sometimes toys to good little this for real?  The rabbit brings them in the night before Easter so when the children wake up they can go get what the Easter Bunny brought them...ok this is just outright plagiarism in my opinion.  

I think we can agree, someone got some ideas from Santa Claus when creating the Easter Bunny.  It's hard to get too upset though, cause as humans we have been borrowing and stealing things throughout history.  I would say Santa absolutely has a good right to be upset about the Easter Bunny and what he is all about.  Then again, if that's true Jesus has a pretty good reason to be cross with both of them, stealing from His two most significant holidays celebrated around the world.  Thankfully for both Santa and the Bunny, Jesus has a very forgiving nature.  

Wait a minute though if this is true than the pagans have even more right to be upset since both those holidays were originally their deal.  That's right, Christians decided to swipe the pagan holidays and make them Christian, they did with a few other holidays as well.  So in reality the pagans have the most reason to be upset but if I was to guess they likely stole it from special dinosaur days so it could possibly be the dinosaurs who have the most right to feel short changed.  

Now all of this is a lot to take in, considering Easter is upon us and we might be appalled to find out this information about our beloved holiday.  The other option is to realize we are talking about an ancient religion that barely exists today, a religion that is all about forgiveness, a large make belief man in red pyjamas, and a bunny that can carry baskets and walk upright.  There is no doubt our holidays have a lot of history behind them, but for what it's worth, lets love one another and have a great long weekend with whoever you choose to surround yourself with.  May you have a great weekend with lots of chocolate and hopefully not rabbit turds.  I think that's the Easter Bunnies version of coal, or I might just be making that up.  Happy Easter Everyone! 

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