The Art of Procrastination: How to Avoid Dealing with Things

Posted by Lisa Stevens on

I am going to talk about how I deal with issues today. 

I will start with an analogy that pretty much sums up how I ‘deal’ with things (I put the deal in quotations…as you will see I try very hard not to. Lol), it is a simple one.

About 4 nights ago I picked up my daughter from work, she had purchased a bottle of chocolate milk, one of the small ones….that people usually drink in one sitting. Not her though and the next morning when I went to get into the car, I sat down on my seat, which had a jacket on it…also left over from her….and felt something wet. As I moved the jacket, I saw the chocolate milk, some inside the bottle and some on the seat. Ugh….I was already running late (typical hahaha) so did not have time to go change. I threw the milk bottle out of the car onto the driveway, put the jacket back on the seat and away we went. 

Now, that might be a common practice if something like that happened to you…but would you…still 4 days later be sitting on said jacket, not dealing with the chocolate milk beneath?!?! And honestly, I really have no intention of dealing with it today either….the jacket keeps it hidden just enough that I can pretend there is just an extra cushion to my seat…not a jacket covering up a mess. 

The main problem with dealing with issues like this is that at some point it will be unavoidable…for the chocolate milk, I am assuming when the warmer weather hits and the milk will sour, which will/could rune the seat as well as a perfectly good jacket. Both of which would have easily been avoidable had I just dealt with it soon after it happened. 

Such is the same for issues that happen in relationships, friendships, work related, even within myself. If I would just deal with things before they sat for too long and spoiled….they would not have had the chance to ruin…and probably taken way less time to clean up.

Will learning this lesson change how I deal with things? Most likely not…hahaha But it if it makes me think a little the next time I choose to shove it down or aside and maybe not let it rot quite as bad next time…than that is progress. And honeslty, that is my goal, not perfection but progress. 

You may be wondering if the chocolate milk ever got cleaned up…at this point I would say sortof…I used some baby wipes I had in the car to clean it up as best as I could…removed the jacket and let it dry. Once the warm weather hits, I will take some soapy water out and give it a good soak and scrub and call it a day…but for now, I just sit on the half cleaned up but not soaking through my pants mess….which is very true to life with me dealing with issues, so makes complete sense that is how it is for now. I will welcome brighter/warmer days when dealing with the chocolate milk won’t be so bad. 

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