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Hello world...everything right now is insane...for real. I honestly feel like we are living a movie/book, crazy stuff is happening....seriously I would not be the least bit surprised if zombies started walking the streets (too much Walking Dead?LOL) or if aliens arrived from the sky....but alas, that is not what this blog post is about. We have enough fear/bad news posts out there. I want this to be a happy/good news/making the best of a bad situation post. 

Beginning today, Ever After Acres will be posting Days of the Year....(some will be international, others may not even be something Canada celebrates but they looked fun so we added them  We, as a family, will be participating in these days and will be posting pictures/videos with you, our family, friends and customers....and we hope you will play along and brighten our day with your pictures/videos!! We can feel connected sharing positive energy and yet stay safe in our own homes at this uncertain time. 

We have intentionally chosen "days" that are broad and can be interpreted several we can show off our own personal creativity in celebrating these days. We want this to be fun and soothing to our souls. So, do not stress one little bit....just do the ones you can and enjoy this time with your family. We also made sure to choose things that are done at no need to go anywhere to do them unless we deem them safe locations :) 

We will be posting one day in advance, so if you need time to look up recipes or ideas on how to celebrate, you will have the time. We also tried to pick things that would not require people to go to the we chose not to include Black Forest Cake day...(even though some of us in the house LOVE black forest cake) because not everyone might have thought to stock up on those ingredients, us included. lol 

I am writing this blog post to introduce our game plan...but Ben will be posting the daily challenges. We will not be posting recipes or links because we really want you to work together as a family to make these (small but not insignificant) celebrations your own. But I am not opposed to helping anyone who would like some direction....feel free to message me and I can help you out! (And I say family, but please play along no matter how many people will be joining you....if you are single or a couple with no children, or a house full of roommates....this can be fun for everyone!). 

We are doing a few other things as a family to help us through this time together, the kids want a Disney day...all things Disney....Adonijah has been doing a Lego challenge everyday, the kids want to have a paint day (that will be today), we are just starting our 2nd self-isolation puzzle and we have some board games we want to play.

I am very excited for this challenge/game (I am not really sure what to call I think it can be so much fun, and a way to connect with others without putting anyone at risk. We have no idea how long this whole situation will last, but we will continue these until the end of it. (One article I read suggested people with asthma, which there are several of us in our house, should stay self-isolated for 12 scary as this sounds I honestly think this is going to last way longer than we are all hoping...but I am no doctor or scientist...just a mom trying to be realistic....and if it is all over in 2 weeks then yay! I was wrong...but I am not wrong very often....bahahaha :P) 

So, please...join us on this adventure. It will be a lot of fun! I cannot wait to see what all you lovely creative people come up with everyday! :) 

Today, March 19, is Poultry Day and Chocolate Caramel Day. So get creative and show us your creations...choose one or both....totally up to you! :) 

Tomorrow, March 20th, is International Day of Happiness, so show us your best smile.  It also is World Storytelling Day.  Perhaps you tell us a story or a picture of smiles reading a story, or read a happy story.  We leave it up to you to be creative.  :)

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