Oh Where, Is My Hairbrush

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It has been one week since I have brushed/combed my hair. You may think I am doing this on purpose....but nope, I live in a house with 4 other females...and brushes/combs always get lost. I am not sure how, I use mine and put it back on the dresser where it belongs, until one of said other females "borrows" it and does not bring it back. 

I swear we have at least 10 brushes in this house and way more combs....my hair does not care which I use...it doesn't not really care for my fingers (which is what I have been using for the past week....) but I guess it is better than nothing. lol 

This blog is not so much about brushes...but about having something and losing it. I am the queen of "putting something somewhere safe where I will know where it is" then forget where I put it. (NOT hair brushes....cause I do have a spot for those, if other people would put them back...lol) I even tried once to use a rolodex...the idea is that you alphabetize your items and where they are in the rolodex. It never worked well for me because (this is going to shock you...hahaha) but I could never remember exactly what I filed it under. You would think "brush" would be easy enough to file but you could, in theory, label it as hair brush, brush, comb, hair assessories, look good stick, not so puffy hair tamer...anyway you get the point, I am not naturally organized and even organizing things can backfire for me.

I also have to deal with 7 other people who may/may not be touching stuff and moving it around. If I keep a bowl in a certain spot, but someone else uses it, there is no guarantee that they will put it back where I had it, so the next time I go to look for it....it may be in a bedroom, or under the sink (where we store no dishes) or even under the couch. 

The four Stevens females also share socks...yes, socks....which in theory means there should be plenty of socks all the time for any one of us who wants to grab a pair, but that is not reality....9 times out of 10 when I go to get a pair of socks, there is 1) no pairs or 2) no socks.....then I go around the house finding all the socks that these wonderful ladies just toss off at random spots in the house (again, under the couch, in a bedroom or under the sink....well maybe not under the sink but I would not put it past them.) 

So, how to do you "fix" this issue....how do you find things that you have lost when you know you put it somewhere "safe"? I would love to try and pass it off to someone else...hahaha That sounds the easiest to me, but such is not reality either. My memory is not going to get any better....in fact, I am going the opposite direction.....but there must be an answer. Maybe I need to keep an inventory like they do at a store, list what we have and where we have it...and if someone wants to borrow an item or use it, they have to sign it out and sign it back in. hahahaha We have enough people to be considered an institute (I don't really know this...just sounds good for the blog....hahaha) so maybe we treat our house like an institute. 

Or I guess we can just continue on like we do now....someone asking (or I need it) where something is and me searching frantically trying to find it...only to get frustrated with it not being where I would assume it would be....then I start looking at strange/weird/wonderful places I might have put it.....in the end we almost always find what we are searching for (well, not dryer balls...we have 10 of these but not ONE in the dryer right now)....but usually I am the only one who gets frustrated and upset over trying to find it....well, maybe the other person who is looking for said thing....but no one gets quite as upset as me. lol 

Tips? Anyone? I would also say we can get rid of stuff...but honestly most of the stuff we have gets used....maybe not all of it/all the time but downsizing our stuff is not really the option I am looking for. 

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