Let Me Waste Your Time For A Minute

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I recently read a post of someone who said they hadn't watched any TV in like 3 months but had read 24 books.  I was like wow that's impressive and felt a little guilty that I haven't read 24 books and I have watched my fair share of TV in the last 3 months.  Then I got thinking about it and I was like I shouldn't feel guilty for my method of leisure.  I started thinking that some people watch TV, some people read, some watch lots of sports, some play music and some play video games and on the list goes.  The truth is these are leisure activities and what one person chooses doesn't make the other person's wrong.  I think that's part of the joy of being an adult, you get to decide how you spend your free time.

I am sure every one of us could make an argument for why our leisure time choice is the better option.  For example, one benefit of watching a movie over the book is the amount of time, rarely does it take 2 hours or less to finish a book.  One benefit of books is the heightened use of your imagination.  Watching sports can inspire us  in all sorts of way.  Video games...hand eye coordination in case you ever need to press tiny buttons a whole bunch.  I also at times play video games so I joke at my own expense too.  

The truth is, we all spend time on things others would perceive to be a waste of time but it's your time to spend.  We do the same thing with how people spend their money.  I have over the years been blown away by how much some people spend a month on coffee or cell phone plans or adult toys (ATV's, snowmobiles...get your mind out of the gutter).  I guarantee though I spend money on things some would question.  I remember thinking how could any spend so much on their pet and that I would never waste so much money on an animal, even though I love animals.  Then I became a pet owner and when my dog sliced her leg open I shelled out big bucks to save my best friend.  

I think what it boils down to is when we see online what other people do with their money or time we tend to get jealous and judgemental of either who's post we are seeing or ourselves.  The reality is we all waste time on various modes of relaxation and if you don't feel you do, I am absolutely not envious of you.  Also, you may want to take note of what you are currently doing and recognize you do waste some time, considering you just read this blog post about wasting time.  Too soon for April Fools?   

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