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The other night I answered the phone, it was a scammer trying to ask me questions about my account…with a company we have no account with. Hahahaha

After I got off the phone, my teen looked at me and said ‘You are so polite.’ I mean, I know I am but I found it an odd time for her to point it out….so she elaborated ‘You were talking with a scammer and you said please and thank you and you would never have known it was a scam call.’ 

It got me thinking about it…and I guess the reason I am polite, even to scammers and telemarketers is because why not? Are they not people just trying to make their way through this life too? Is it annoying and inconvenient at times? Sure, but why should I be rude with them??

Then that got me thinking about being rude…cause sure, even I ‘polite to even scammers’, do have times I am rude…but who does being rude to hurt? Certainly not the person being rude…am I right? (I sound like my 9 year old, that is his latest favorite line…at the end of saying setting he adds Am I right? Hahahaha) So, think about this for a few minutes…when someone is rude to you, do you automatically go, rude person wonder what is happening in their life to make them act out in that way? Or do you go, rude person, wonder what I did to make them feel that rudeness was the best action for interaction with me? 

As you may have guessed, mine is the latter. If someone is rude with me, I wonder what I did…then once I realize nothing…hahaha I go to the first. Why do they feel the need to be rude? When being polite is so easy. And maybe it is not easy for everyone.:…I guess I have to think about that too. 

I find it easy to be polite, it is just a part of who I am…I honestly have no idea what it feels like to feel the need to be rude. Although, there are times I come across rude when I try and be funny…Hahaha But that is more because I am awkward and am clearly not a ‘funny person’ so when I try to be…it all comes out wrong. Hahaha

Maybe some people don’t even know they are being rude…but I would hope people would think about how they talk and interact with others, for their own sake as well as those around them, scammers or not…because everyone deserves politeness…including you. 

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