Being Who You Are In The LGBTQ+ Community!

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Last year, shortly after I wrote the blog post we re-posted last Tuesday entitled I am Not Proud of My Daughter for Being Gay, I had someone pretend to be offended…I know they really were not but it did get me thinking, and so this time when we posted it, I decided to write this follow up and explain. 

While I am proud of Adaliah for being very vocal and proudly gay…it does not mean that I would not be proud of her if she chose to be silent. 

I believe that everyone does need to stay true to themselves, which takes personality into account. Adaliah is a very dramatic (I am using this term in a positive way here, I know people use it as a negative so often but that is not my intent) person, she wears her heart on her sleeve and everyone around knows how she feels about most topics…because she openly shares. So it is not a huge surprise that with her sexual orientation she is no different. 

I realize that not every person who identifies as part of the LGTBQ+ community will have a boisterous, extroverted personality. And that does not mean they are not proud of who they are or even that they are still in the closet. Some people choose to share with family and friends…and some people feel there is no need to share because they just live their life and those whom they choose to enter into a relationship will know…and honestly, it is really no one else’s business than their own. 

I would be just as proud of any of my children, if they were true to themselves, including their personality…and were a part of the LGTBQ+ community but in a more reserved, quiet manner. 

I believe there are tons of individuals out there who are not ashamed of who they are, but are still not wanting to shout it from the rooftops, for whatever reason, it is 100% totally their choice. And I am proud of them for making that choice, whether I understand it or not, whether it is the choice I would make or not. My understanding does not need to factor into it, since someone’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with me, it does not hurt me or inconvenience me at all, so why would it matter how (and if) they choose to share? 

I am proud of anyone who has chosen to share this information with me….and those who have not (either yet or may never), the most important thing is for you to be true to yourself, who you are, right down to the core. If you are dramatic, loud and proud….go for it! Help spread that word that the LGTBQ+ community need support and love, simply because all humans deserve it.  If you are quiet and reserved…keep being those things…enjoy your relationships and support those around you in your own gentle manner. All communities need diversity…each and every one of you who is a part of the LGTBQ+ deserve love and support….because you are also a part of the larger community called the human race. One last note…if you are reading this and are still in the closet, for whatever reason, know that I am proud of you too. I do hope some day you will find a relationship that will make you step out, even gingerly and quietly…but even if that day never comes, you have one person who is proud of you….just for being you. If you think, "Oh, maybe she is talking to me?!?!" Know with confidence that yes, yes I am talking to you. 

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