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I had two childhood homes. One I lived in from a small child until grade 3, the other from grade three until I moved out when I got married at 18. 

My parents are in the process of moving from that home into an apartment. Should I be sad? I am not really...yes, there are all kinds of memories from that house, but I have lived more of my life in my own homes than I lived there. And I am happy for my parents, they were ready to move into something smaller, with no so much upkeep for themselves. 

Not everyone is the same kind of homeowners my parents are/were. hahaha I was just remembering and telling someone yesterday that I remember how many times my parents painted their rooms....it felt like every year, maybe not quite that often, but it was a lot. My mom actually had little jars of paint for each room to be able to touch up any knicks. Maybe this is normal and I am the odd man out, cause I would be continually painting cause my house gets knicks all the time.

Home repair/improvement was always happening, and if not happening....they were thinking about/planning it. My mom loved changing rooms around, you never knew when you went to visit how her living room would be arranged. 

They kept their yard as immaculate as their inside. They had flower gardens in front and in back, always weeded and kept their lawn mowed on a regular basis (I mean we try...but it never quite works out as regular as we plan...lol). If anything (their door or deck for example) needed painting, it was done...like almost immediately, not 3 years from when it needed done. lol

With all that being said, I can totally understand why after so many years of home ownership they are ready to enjoy living in a place without all the upkeep, upkeep not all home owners actually do...but they did.

We visited their new apartment just hours ago (literally....I am actually writing this on the way home from seeing it for the first time), it is brand new, very lovely and I can see the appeal. Their balcony looks out to a view of Moncton/Dieppe (they choose a top floor apartment). I would spend a lot of time on that balcony if it was mine, although sitting back a little since I am not a fan of heights. hahaha

Personally, I will stick with my house...and do not foresee ever wishing to leave, but I will not say never, since you just never know....after 49 years of homeownership I may need a break from upkeep too. Since I am only sitting at 23 years....I still have a few years left to get tired of the painting and the repairs and the lawn care. 

I also still have kids at home, which probably makes a difference too. Our youngest is only 9, so got several years of several people living in the home. 

It will be a different Christmas this year, we will be gathering in a new dining room, hanging out in a new living room...but it will be my parents place...and they have always made their house feel like home, and I have no doubt they will do the same with this apartment. I won't be sad over what part of the town we go to...cause soon enough it will be "my parents place" and the old home will be moved to the memories only part of my brain and we will create new memories in the new home. 

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