Wake Up And Smell The Planet

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I spent the weekend with my three buddies at the Washademoak Lake a few weeks ago.  We had a great time hanging out as friends and spent some time seadooing on the lake.  Our time at the water was a reminder of why it is so important we all take, at the very least, baby steps towards being more aware of the condition of our planet.  We only have one to live on and it is in pretty bad shape, as you might be aware.  Often though the reality of our planet being sick is not visible or doesn't impact us where we live.  We don't see the giant island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, or the methane escaping from all our buried garbage and much of the ecological disasters occurring so it is not really something that captures our attention.  

The lake I grew up on in the summers here in New Brunswick was the most beautiful spot in the world to me.  This past weekend opened my eyes to the state of our planet and how much it matters for our children and their children and the generations to come.  When I was young we used to fish eel at night with a flashlight and from the end of the dock you could see the bottom of the lake very easily.  Even going swimming, once upon a time, goggles were amazing, allowing you to explore a whole other world underwater.  Pollution has ruined that and now on a sunny day in chest deep water my hands by my hips are not visible and as they come upward are a light brown coloured mess.  

The lake has been placed under an advisory like many other bodies of water around the province and country for blue-green algae, which is toxic.  The cause, regardless of what research you believe, faults humans in one way or another.  We have taken a pristine body of water that at one time was drinkable and now it is transforming into something sad.  I realize the contradiction of sharing about a weekend we were enjoying the lake on seadoos but the conversation needs to start regardless of where we are in our own personal awareness of the state of planet earth.  

Our family is by no means the green, recycling, reusing, reducing family that we probably should be but it needs to start somewhere.  We hope you will follow our business and personal journey as we try to live more green than we are right now.  Starting in September we are going to be adding one practice a month to our lives to try and be more eco friendly as a family, as well as a business.  Our desire is not only for you to follow us but to join us in this journey.  Unless we change our lifestyles, one day the effects of our care free living will impact the places we live from one end to the other of this planet we call home.  



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