The Ballet of Sports

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This past week on my Facebook feed some guys were showing pictures of their "trip of a lifetime". They went away together to see their favourite sports team perform. They looked like they had a great time...I am so happy that they were able to take that trip together. But it did remind me of this blog that I wrote ages ago (sometimes I pre-write them and then use them when I don't have time to write a new I technically have the time...but since I saw their pictures, I figured now was as good a time as any to share this blog!) Enjoy! (And no one get too is just a conspiracy theory...I love them, don't believe them all, but still enjoy thinking about them! hahahaha) 

So, I have this crazy idea...and I know sports fans everywhere will not agree with me....but think about this for a moment....really think about it....

What if all professional sports were choreographed? Meaning all the outcomes are pre-determined. Someone, somewhere determines who will win, who will lose, what "plays" will happen. They are good....they do not make every game "exciting", some are boring, some are meant to build outrage in the audience and some are meant to elicit joy. 

Most of them dress like dancers....several sports uniforms involve tights...sounds like dancers to me. They leap around, jump, slide, scurry....all of these can be elegant and graceful....

What if this was true? Would people still spend so much time and money to view them? Would they still watch them on tv and gather in groups to view? Would they still dress up in the colours of the teams? Or would people put on a more dignified attire and attitude to watch them. Like a dance recital or the opera. 

What if we praised the choreographer instead of the players? Or what if we treated the players like actors/actresses....they are just playing a part, doing their job, no special "feats" just what they were hired to do? 

You may ask, what about the injured players? How can that be planned? It wouldn't have to be....dancers and choreographed participants get injured all the that is a mute point. 

Do I really believe that? No...but I do enjoy thought provoking discussions....and I believe this could be one! 🙂 

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