Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

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This morning Ben and I defrosted the freezer. It is a job we always do together. While doing it, we stole a few kisses since we were working so closely. We each have a "job" that makes it run smoothly.

I use the hair dryer and get rid of the top layer, which is usually the thickest. And he pour water over the lower levels which are collected in a bucket that he dumps out. We both work with spatulas to collect and "bang" the ice in the middle of the wires to come out. Once done, I dry it all off with a towel and we both work together to put everything back in, always in an orderly fashion, which can change from one defrosting to the next, depending on what worked the last time and what did not work. 

As we were working today, stealing kisses, I started thinking (and actually said out loud), that I cannot believe there are couples who cannot do simple tasks together without fighting. Don't misunderstand me, we do fight...sometimes a lot...but it is never or rarely over projects/tasks that we work on together. The one main exception is painting...hahaha I was taught how to paint by my father, who did it professionally for years, Ben not so we learned early on it was just easier (and better) for all involved to just let me do it. 

Freezer defrosting, cleaning, moving furniture, wall papering...all of these things work better for us if we share the load and work together. Including our business....I so often hear people say they could never work with their spouse...I just do not understand that....I am sure it is true and it is no reflection on the love they have for one another...but I LOVE working with Ben, I cannot imagine not working with him, just the idea that someday that may be the case causes so much sadness within me, I try not to think about it. 

Sure there are times we disagree about the way a project should know which way the couch will fit through the door correctly...but we always work it out and in the end we are proud of the job we have done....together. 

Sometimes we divide to conquer...just for time restraints, but I still consider that working together, because neither of us feels that one job is more important than the other. We are equal partners in business and life. Sometimes the other person has to pick up the slack, if one of us is sick or unable...but that happens on both ends, so we don't mind. 

One time I think of, that we divide and conquer, is in the morning Ben makes the bed, usually I am either doing my exercises or showering, or doing the dishes. He doesn't mind making the bed, he does a good job and I have the time I need to do some of the other things that need done. 

This post is not to make those of you who are a couple but cannot do projects together to feel is just to show that sometimes couples can do those things together....and maybe if all you have ever heard was horror stories so never bothered to try, now might be a good time to give it a go, what's the worst that could happen? hahahaha And maybe you will surprise yourself and your partner....maybe you'll work so well together, you'll want to do it all the time and become entrepreneurs. Who knows?!?!? 

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