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I have a friend who just got 2 tiny little kittens. She is so proud of those kittens, she loves having them and even loves the chaos they can create at times. 

To me, that is a good pet owner, to love and be so excited about having the animal that they can hardly contain themselves when they discuss their pets. I know lots of people get complacent with their pets if they are not I am not faulting you. I am just saying how nice it is to listen to her talk about her precious kittens. 

We have three cats, one is old (he's probably 12 year old we are not 100% sure), and two are teenagers...about 1 year not kittens but sure act like kittens...hahaha I gotta say I do not love them....sure I pet them and cuddle them and say how cute they are, but I am not overly happy to go home to them and most of the time I honestly just feel they get in the way. 

I am pretty sure I already wrote a blog post about these precious kittens and how cute they are and fit into our family....but that was the early days...hahaha They are now more pains than they are cute, in my opinion anyway. I do feel bad for them, but they do get love, their mother (Fawn, 15 year old) loves them dearly, she calls them her precious babies....and the 10 year old loves them as well. One will even let him pick him up and hold him like a baby. 

But for myself, I really would really be fine without them...I know that sounds horrible....they should be part of the family, I should love them as if they were my own...but you know what? I just do not. I LOVE the old one....he just lays around and meows to be fed....he is my kind of cat. Maybe once the kittens/teenagers get to be his age I will love them too...but by then they will likely be out of my house since they leave when Fawn leaves. hahahaha And I will not be sad to see them go. 

Just the other day I was telling someone that of all the pets in the house, 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 lizards, 1 snake (cause one got out of it's cage and has not been found) and 4 rats...not one of them belongs to me, and I am so glad. When the kids move out (which could realistically be in a few years....cause all the pets belong to the older two) all the pets go with them....and I will be left with none. Sure, I may miss them....but I cannot forsee that happening....I think I will be glad to be rid of the hair and the toys all over the floor and the dead baby rats in my freezer (to feed the snake)....

Ben may not feel the same....he LOVES having a dog...but I am hoping once the animals are gone, for just a few years of being a non-animal house...just a few...where we don't have to worry about someone coming to feed them/take care of them if we want to go away, where we are not constantly sweeping up hair gosh so much hair, no litter box to clean/smell if it doesn't get cleaned quickly cats clawing at the dog barking at anyone who remotely looks like they might be coming here....even if just walking by on the road. 

Now again, maybe in a few years once the cats grow up, I won't feel the same...or once they leave I will miss them more than I thought I would...but that is my dream for now, my dream of having a house without animals...just for a few years. hahaha. 

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