Oh Sweet Petrichor

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Welcome Spring! 

My favourite season is summer...I love the heat. I would rather be sweating on a beach, than freezing anywhere. 

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy all the season's but if I had to pick, summer is my favourite.

Spring is an awesome season...to be leaving the dreary weather behind...for the sun to radiate it's heat on my face after a long winter, is magical. 

To watch the snow melt away and the trees begin to bloom....it is almost therapeutic to wake each day and see what new layers of ground uncovered over the night. 

I also love a rainy day. The sound of rain on the roof is music to my ears. On a tin roof is heavenly. 

Now, I don't want too many rainy days hahaha....but a few thrown in with sunny days is just right. 

Petrichor can happen after a warm spring day....If I could bottle this smell up...I would wear it all the time. I would add it to my shampoo, lotion, diffuser, laundry....Don't know what petrichor is? Have you ever smelt the rain on the ground after a sunny day? That marvellous stress releasing smell? That is petrichor. The smell of rain after a warm day. It happens in summer more often...but oh when it happens in spring after a long winter....that is almost perfection. Next time you feel it (cause a smell can induced such feelings) just relax and enjoy. Nature has given us so many natural drugs to help us in our daily lives. And spring helps welcome them to the year. Petrichor, flowers, dirt, sunshine (yes sunshine has a smell), fresh air, open windows, the anticipation of things to come including the sea, the long summer nights....spring's drug is the anticipation and the promise that no matter how long or hard your winter was...a new chapter has started...better things are to come...they have started arriving. They are here.

Take comfort in the joy of spring. Feel the heat of the sun, smell the petrichor, enjoy the sounds of the birds. 

Spring is nature's way of renewing your spirit...let it....for summer is coming....

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