So, This is the F#@!ing Blog You Get!

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I just wrote a whole blog post about dealing with loss....hit the wrong key and poof I lost it. hahahaha Ironic, yes...frustrating, hell yes. One of the problems with blogging (for the way I blog), is that once the words are out of my head and onto paper or computer...they really are gone. I have sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to remember how I even started said blog....but nothing, notta, nope could not recall any of it. I know what it was about, I know the general over arching idea it had but not the actual words I used. Ugh...I can try and replicate it, but I fear it will never be as good as the original. This is the main reason I prefer writing on paper, unless I throw the paper away.. or something gets spilled on it, chances are nothing will happen to that blog, I can type it in at a later time and even if the technology gods hate me, I can just retype it...but when using the computer, especially this program (the blogging program as I call it) one wrong key stroke and it is all gone. 

So, this is f#@!ing blog you get. hahaha I met someone just the other day who said they also blog. I actually don't "meet" a lot of bloggers in real life....or online for that matter either. But it was nice to talk with her a little about blogging and seeing the similarities we share and also the differences. I am inherently shy so talking about anything that I love comes easier than talking about things I know nothing about. I figure lots of people might not know how shy I am, based on the amount of open and honest content my blogs have...but it is very true. I can sit among a group of people and say NOTHING for hours, and not feel the need to interject my thoughts or opinions. This may seem strange considering the amount of thoughts and opinions I share on here...but really my blogs feel more like a journal to me. I share them publicly but most of the time, it is thoughts or feelings that I want to sound out...and I sound things out by expressing them with writing, so why not share and see who else feels the same? 

That is the other thing about blogging that I find, I can get an idea and type it or write it all out, excited about it...only to discovered I have already written on the topic...hahaha My memory is not great and it is easy to forget things like that, especially if they happened awhile ago. I may find after I finish this one up, looking back, I may have already written a blog about blogging....hahaha Sorry if I have, especially if you don't really care about the background of blogging. 

 And right here, I named this blog and saved it...which I should have been doing all along with the other one. As frustrating as it is to have to take a few seconds every few minutes to hit the save button, it would have eliminated this catastrophe of a blog post. lol That honestly may never get posted....we might just wait until next week when I have more time to recreate the one I lost. 

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