My Heart Belongs to the Beach

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I love the beach, I love the way the sand feels on a hot day, I love the sound of the waves. 

I grew up going to Caissie Cape beach. My grandmother had a cottage right on the beach. I spent most of my summers there, sometimes with my immediate family and as I got older with just my grammy and cousin. We had some great times there as a family. The beach will alway hold a special place in my heart. It was never a very busy beach, and I preferred that. Still today, if you go there, it is busier than it used to be, but not as busy as other beaches. 
Some people go to beaches for the interaction of other humans...people watching. I go to connect with nature. So, for me, an empty (or nearly empty) beach with the sun, sand and water is perfect. I love walks on the beach, but I also love just laying on the sand reading a book. When my kids were younger, it was hard to enjoy the beach...when they would still wander away and I had to worry about they are older and on a not-to-busy beach they can explore and I can relax and watch them from the shore or a sandbar. 

When we moved to our new house 4 1/2 years ago, I was so pleased to discover that the beach I love, was only 12 minute drive away. We have gone many times over the 4 summers we have lived here, we tend to go at suppertime, into the evening because it is less busy (especially if we want to take the dogs) and it has cooled down just enough from the hot day. When the sandbars are out, we can walk for miles on them. 
I remember as a child, we used to make Sand Castle Island. On the sand bars, we would make huge cities and castles with moats and witches castles (we used to take very wet sand and dribble it to create unique "witchy" looking castle tops...I actually taught my kids how to do it last is a fun very satisfying way of creating sand castles)...we would spend hours making our cities, even knowing that all our work would be washed away. Didn't matter to was the fun in the making. It was being outdoors in the sunshine and working together....just having fun. 

My heart belongs at the beach. We now have a few beaches that we love to visit, as a family we love day trips to new beaches. And I enjoy them all for the different aspects that they have. One is great for walking, finding old seashells, star fishes and sea glass....another is fun for the big waves....and yet another for the white sand and clear blue water. I have not found a beach that I have not enjoyed....but my first true love was Caissie Cape...and I don't think I will ever find another beach that soothes my soul the way that beach does.  Tell me about your favourite beach.

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