Music, A Reflection of Self

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Do you have an "anthem"? I am part of a Facebook group, and this discussion came up, and while I do have songs that speak to me, I don't think I could choose just one song to describe my whole life. 

I love all kinds of music....and I know lots of people say that and not really mean And I do have some music that I don't listen to. But I like anything from old country, pop, hard rock, opera, jazz, new country, soft rock, rap, reggie, heavy metal, I enjoy music from every era....from Justine Bieber, Taylor Swift, The Carpenters, Nora Jones, Lincoln Park, Marianna's Trench, Nickleback (I know, not something I should admit in public...hahaha), Elvis Presley, Hunter Hayes, Kesha, Inxs, Indigo Girls, Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, The Black Crows, Eminem, The Piano Guys, Guns 'n Roses....the list can go on and on. Add in just about any musical music and Disney songs... I even enjoy some scream metal (at times). My taste in music is very eclectic. 

Lately my anthems have been based on my moods. I have a few that are my "go-to" to help me feel better This is Me from The Greatest Showman, Without Me by Halsey and 2002 by Anne-Marie. I use Kindly Calm Me Down by Meaghan Trainer to ground me when I feel out of control.  But I also have some that I tend to go to when I am feeling happy too. Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett, Your Love is My Drug Kesha...

My all time favourite song, no matter how many times I have heard it, no matter what my current mood is... Romeo and Juliet by the Indigo Girls. There is just something about that song that speaks to me, on so many levels. I know it is not the "best" song music wise and lyrically but I just cannot get enough of it....and it can both bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes, depending on my current mood. It is pretty amazing the power that one song can do both. 

So, while I don't have a lifelong anthem, I do have songs that help me on my journey...whether in the good times or the bad. I think music has that special make you feel understood and connected, even if only with yourself. Maybe I am too eclectic in my inner being to pick just one song...maybe my music anthems need to reflect the chaos that lives inside me...maybe I need a whole album to describe who I am to the world....just take a listen to my playlist sometime, you will see the chaos in me living out through my music. 

I personally cannot understand anyone who says they don't like a certain 
style of out of hundreds of thousands of country can you say you like none of them? Or is so diverse within itself...there may be some you might enjoy...I open my heart and ears to all types of music, maybe that makes me unique or maybe that just shows that I am not good at making decisions. hahahaha 

Do you have an anthem? How do you feed your soul with music? Do you ever just pick one song and listen to it on repeat for days? Or is your playlist on shuffle of 500 songs of all genres? 

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