Hear Me Out, Why I Love Twilight

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28% is a horrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But I am in the 28%. I am embarrassed that I am....but I shouldn't be....since I am clearly not alone....not a huge following but not alone.  

One thing I love about it is that the vampires sparkle. I know that is so cheesy, but I like it. To think that they hide because of their beauty....not because the sun can hurt them, but because they are scared of the humans hurting them. This particular group of vampires choose not to get their substance from human blood, they choose to live among regular humans and pretend like they are alive. One of them is even a doctor, helping those who need help. I like this idea...that even though their natural instinct is to hurt humans and use them as food....they have chosen a different path, they have put aside their natural instincts and decided they could be different. Is that really any different for any of us humans? Our natural instinct is to look out for ourselves, self preservation....are we born with the instinct to harm others? Are some humans born with more of this than others? Or are some just strong enough to fight it? I don't really know....but I know that I am neither good nor evil....I am a bit of both. And when it comes down to it, I have chosen to fight the instincts in myself to harm others. I am like the Cullen's....my instinct is to live off of the sacrifice of others, but I have chosen to live a different way, I have chosen that harming others is not what I will be defined by. 

The other part of the story that I love is the love story.  It is a horrible portrayal of a love story. But yet it is more real than most Hollywood love stories out there. There is just as much pain and chaos mixed in with the good...I can relate. Maybe not everyone's relationships are as such, but I know mine is....and that is ok, I would take the highs and lows over nothing any day. I have said before that I believe love is a choice, I have chosen to love Ben...and that is 100% true, so even though some days it requires effort....there are many, many days that I don't even have to think about it, I just love him, my body screams from the inside out how much it loves him. Can you love more than one person? Bella certainly did....but her heart chose for her....was he the best choice? Maybe not from the outside, but on the inside I am sure she truly felt like it wasn't even a choice she had to make....her heart had made it for her. I have had very few relationships (romantic and otherwise) that never encountered conflict, and with conflict comes hurt and with hurt comes decisions....do we let the hurt define who we are? Or do we raise past it and choose to continue to love? 

In the end, Bella gave all of herself for love, loads of people didn't understand and thought she made the wrong choice....but how can anyone else make those choices for you? Only one person knows your true self, your true heart....and that is you. Sometimes we get confused, when things are dicey but in the end, only you know what makes you happy and how much pain is worth enduring to soothe your soul with the love of another. 

So, while not everyone enjoys (or will even watch) these movies....I like them, cause they remind me of myself....choas within, yet full of choices that only I can actually make....and even though it is bad acting isn't that true of life as well? I don't always say things the way I mean to...sometimes I talk/act like I am half dead...like I have no emotions...those are the times when choosing to not harm others and to choose love are the most apparent....and sometimes it just means I am tired from the effort but still think the effort is worth it.

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