It's Quitting Time

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Ever After Acres really began as our lifestyle in 2016 when I was laid off.  We decided there was no time like the present to give our business an honest shot.  And almost two years later we are still full steam ahead with no clue what tomorrow brings, which is fine cause neither do you.  I still get people sending me information about job posting or ideas for jobs.  I recently was asked by family if we are making our mortgage payments.  And I get it, because we are outside of the box the societal norm of wake, eat, work, eat, work, eat, relax, sleep and repeat.  And of course, the two days to do what you like, but even those two days end up trapped in routine and norms.

Other than a handful of days that we have decided in advance, such as markets and fairs, I couldn't tell you what my plan is for the next day.  There are a few things that are pretty standard for us, such as whatever is going to happen it likely will be with one another as a family.  It is also most likely going to be decided at the start of the day and even then may change as the wind blows.  I know many of you will read this and thinks it's absurd, unusual, not for you, or any variety of reactions but I will tell you it is liberating in a way unlike anything I have ever experienced.  

Apparently it is a thing called 'lifestyle business' where our business operates under our control, where we are the masters rather than the reverse.  Regardless of what you call it, when we only have such a short fleeting life why would we want or strive for anything less.  Our society tells us to spend the majority of our lives slaves to our jobs so we can dream about that day when we can retire and finally live life.  The day to live your life free is today, tomorrow and everyday after that.  

A few things to know though, some myths and some truths.
1. It is hard work.  I have over and over again told my kids that most of the best things in life come from work.  I have never worked harder in my life then having our business but we decide when to call it quits at any given moment.  
2. Sacrifice is required.  You may not be able to buy _____ , fill in what it may be for you, but is your freedom worth losing for whatever you put in the blank?
3. Even the things you love can be annoying at times.  So I am not encouraging anyone to leave their job cause you had a rough day.  There is no perfect job but there absolutely are jobs you love.  I love Lisa more than I can describe in words but we still have our moments.  Yep, I think I just subtly called my wife annoying at times.  
4.  Everyone around you will be either envious of something they could have for themselves as well or think you are nuts.  My advice is listen for actual wisdom and ignore the rest.  
5. Live within your means is perhaps the most under realized truth in our society.  I make the least amount of money I have in my entire adult life but for the first time in my adult life I have several months of reserves set aside for us to live, as experts say you should.  
6. The most important thing to remember without a doubt is...oh sorry, its quitting time.  Beautiful sunny day and I'm going to go play with my kids.  

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  • Love this Ben! Thanks for sharing.

    Ruth A Swansburg on

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