History of Shampoo

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Some of you may not know, but many years ago I received a B.A. in history.  I've always been fascinated with things of the past, which has lead me to some exploring of the history of soap nuts.  There are some remarkable facts about soap nuts that may surprise you.  First let us begin with the origin of shampoo.  The word itself originates from India and only goes back a few hundred years, when the English who were occupying India began using the word.  The word itself actually means head massage, which is what we do when we shampoo our hair.  

I'm sure you have guessed by now the most commonly used product for shampoo over the centuries, soap nuts.  The 6th century BC is the earliest recorded use of soap nuts.  Still to this day the most commonly used shampoo in India is soap nuts.  While I could not find any definitive information, it is probably safe to say soap nuts, with it being India's number one shampoo, are among the most utilized shampoo in the entire world.  As a result of corporate shampoo companies aggressively marketing their bottled products the decline of soap nuts as shampoo is beginning.  On the upside it is becoming a more accepted and utilized form of shampoo in countries attempting to be more environmentally conscious.  

So we really owe the existence of shampoo itself to India and soap nuts.  So having said that we present you with the challenge to give soap nuts a try as your shampoo.  We believe you will not be disappointed and notice the amazing effect it has on your hair.  In fact, it works as well as the really expensive shampoos that are out there but soap nut powder for shampoo is $12 and will do approximately 50-100 washes depending on length of your hair.  So why not try something new, but yet really old and proven.  Available for purchase at www.everafteracres.net

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