It's Not Easy Going Green - December 2018

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Sometimes the hardest areas in our life to convert to the going green lifestyle is the traditions we have that we are deeply connected to from our past.  Christmas is one of those areas for us, and likely you as well.  The extra lights for decorations, the gifts, the wrapping paper, the excessive food, the deliveries, and much more.  We have said in the past our purpose of these blog posts is to make permanent changes once a month in our normal practices.  We hope that this not only has impact on our way of living and our planet but also that our children will grow up implementing these changes as normal everyday life.  

Lisa shared a blog about presents and how we are attempting to keep as much as possible local when buying presents.  This helps support local business and can help reduce pollution by less travel required for the products we purchase and we also know where the products are made.  We also purchase second hand products, so they are reused.  We have for years not done Christmas cards as they tend to be something you read and then eventually throw out.  With technology today it is just as simple to send e-cards or posts on your social media wishing people a Merry Christmas.  

This year we are implementing second hand decorations.  We are a family that loves Christmas and decorate our house up pretty good to show that.  In the past, we would have bought lights and decor at whatever local hardware store had on sale.  We have discovered though you can get Christmas lights and more at your local second hand stores.  We had a great haul of decorations from a 2nd hand store in Shediac.  I had no idea but instead of paying normal price for Christmas lights you can reuse those lights others have donated.  We will also be using what we do have until it no longer works/falls apart.

Yesterday we went shopping for Christmas and a few different big box stores made me realize how big our consumer mentality is in our culture.  Many of these newer stores have the only exit squeezing by a cash register and customers.  They basically make you feel silly or bad not purchasing something and having to walk through an aisle of people buying things.  While we are focusing more on local and second hand we also are attempting to just be overall more mindful of our habits and traditions.  Trying to be a little less consumer minded and embracing the season with family and friends.  Are you making any changes this Christmas?  If so what are they?

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